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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, “New era China is outstanding and traditional culture takes community ” project of lecture of culture of the 5th commonweal ” the aesthetic education echo of 4 characters Gu Qu ” in Shenzhen book city Luo Hu city is held. This second activity transmits city of book of finite liability company, Shenzhen by culture of book of Shenzhen city one industrial limited company sponsors Luo Hu city, deng Kang Yan holds the position of vice-chairman of association of home of movie and TV of president of movie and TV of record of countryman of specially invite Shenzhen, Shenzhen honored guest of give a lecture, unscramble 4 characters about Su Wu, Yue Fei, Wang Zhaojun, beautiful magnolia the mental connotation of Gu Qu backside. ▲ Deng Kang Yan expresses in Kang Yan of lecture spot Deng, ” Su Wu shepherd ” ” Yue Fei fights gold ” ” lily magnolia enlists ” ” Zhao Jun gives a place of strategic importance ” 4 characters Gu Qu, it is China tradition in education beauty of beautiful, chilly and strong beautiful classical. He is being done ” the Republic of China of civil and military ” when newsreel and exhibition, disentomb the individual character of 4 historical characters and general character, once more integrated, innovation, with the respective story chant of Su Wu, Yue Fei, Wang Zhaojun, beautiful magnolia, join together becomes one Que Hui link chorally. That day on the lecture, travel history unscrambles Zhang Jin of video of union of Deng Kang Yanquan field, song, word. Look in him, some of 4 people ancient a type of verse for singing is shown ” riches and honour cannot excessive, martial cannot bend, poor and lowly cannot move ” heroic lofty quality, have a plenty of an ancient name for China what Nong Gengwen invades south cavalry of people not of the same clan of the meet head-on between bright chiliad is epic, some reflected the great quality that promotes ethical culture communication and confluence actively, some showed the spirit of home of laborious goodness, patriotic love, gallant self-improvement. “Long an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast can not have wool, it is OK to admire greatly snow cover, can meet with loyally dire straits, integrity imposing manner enrages charm cannot disappear. ” Deng Kang Yan expresses, these character spirit are incentive Chinese generation the people with lofty ideals of another generation, the civilization that is the Chinese nation is continuous the effect that had graven mainstay up to now. As we have learned, “New era China is outstanding and traditional culture takes community ” the project develops special fund to aid financially by career of culture of Shenzhen city conduct propaganda, main content is lecture of culture of commonweal of ancient poetry word and contest of reading of ancient poetry word are launched inside whole town limits, aim to pass ancient time the deduction of classical poem word will promote China outstanding and traditional culture, let a citizen experience the connotation of poetic word and vitality, obtain richer mental self-restraint thereby, promote the life the state.

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