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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, area of Shenzhen collect lake came on stage formally ” optimized battalion business environment to reform working point 2019 ” . Since this year, collect lake area elevates administrative service center energy level energetically, urge administration deep the service is convenient change, the company works more convenience. Current, hall of various government affairs deploys collect lake division entirely self-help serves terminal, item of service of 100% government affairs makes an appointment completely on implementation net and ” run at most ” , 7 run 0 times into item move, the knot does to lead on the net 100% . According to introducing, service center of administration of collect lake area is executed ” one date, one window, one net ” deal with integratedly, accept integratedly downstage, tiring-room classification is examined and approve, unified window goes out, data runs more road, the citizen is little do legwork. For example, new administration serves the hall to add the integrated service window such as gas of water and electricity, setting water and electricity enrages conduction intelligence terminal unit, water and electricity insults 3 professional work one window does. Whole area can deal with item to increase to by 99 centrally 576, pass ” Internet + content sheds express ” wait for informatization method, implementation is applied on masses net, the branch is online examine and approve, card takes post service, the item that also need not run is 388. Standardize construction to drive administration to examine and approve further, optimize examine and approve flow, decrease declare material, shorten conduction link, compress examine and approve time, reduce company cost, collect lake area with ” the company does not work to give a division, the individual does not handle affairs to give a market ” for the target, implementation 200 item can be connected inside the area do, 200 item can be allowed be short of deal with, 200 item can not meet to examine and approve, drive more item to come true ” the second is approved ” deal with.