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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This year in July, bamboo shoot hillock is street party of boreal station community group project of service center company calls better of dweller of community of seek by inquiry, the greeting that sending community for community better at the same time, basically undertake residing the evaluation of an environment. Up to 2 days, project of boreal station company had finished 20 seek by inquiry and Ju Jiaan to evaluate a service completely. In process of seek by inquiry, the company is versed in people better of community of station of thorough knowledge north resides a safe circumstance, the person that pay close attention to company warden and its family fall problem, supportive community undertakes comfortable old environment is transformed reach promotion, the person that reduce company warden falls occurence rate. Carry a seek by inquiry or search, the company is versed in people understood community dweller situation in the round, seasonable make the body state of community better and house home case good record, the environment occupying the home that is later period is transformed do good foundation to work.

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