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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Ban to be begun deep poison and combat information bilk conduct propaganda, do good community to ban poison and turn over information bilk to publicize the job, the lake allows community to be banned at organizing a staff member to come to begin to area under administration on July 4, 2019 afternoon poison and combat information bilk propaganda, with face-to-face means to community business door is reached undertake from personnel of course of study spot general law is publicized, strengthen community business door is right the acknowledge of drugs, understanding drugs is right human body, right family and the harm that cause to the society. In the meantime, be aimed at shortly of recruit students of near future the university entrance exam, illegal element delivers the false network address that check branch through short message and Internet, let examinee convey individual message, undertake essence of life allows bilk. To raise community dweller prevent bilk consciousness and ability, staff member patience is meticulous the bilk intrigue that to community business door publicizes illegal element and the skill that masses prevents bilk and means, build the whole people to prohibit toxin, the whole people turns over the good atmosphere of cheat, prevent the happening of drugs and bilk case effectively, this the activity distributes foldout of relevant conduct propaganda in all more than 100, enter a conduct propaganda into inn 37, suffer teach a number 70 more than person.  

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