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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The owner of garden of golden getting a person of extraordinary powers was met again make a load on one’s mind. Gold of collect lake area gets city of garden of a person of extraordinary powers to update a project to implement principal part at making clear a project last year, already restarted tear open change, but recently again at a stand. One has signed agreement owner to be discovered suddenly to owe debt of a huge sum, bring about its house property to be frozen, development business also cannot cancel testimony of this owner house property, examine and approve a program cannot be over, start working rebuilds not within the foreseeable future. Origin? ? House property card cannot be cancelled derivative the city of Jin Zuanhao garden that 8000 much debt are located in Luo Hu area updates a project to there was development business early to intervene 2005 try to find out the real intention, approve to brought into Shenzhen city to update only head of state 2010 old uptown transform one of 8 pilot projects newlier. Begin to be stationed in from 2012 tear open change, but because cannot be reached with partial owner,agree, bring about a project to be in backwater condition for a long time. Tear open change negotiation deadlock to defeat solution, 2018, city of Jin Zuanhao garden updates a project cent period is carried out, first phase is the residence, 2 period for commerce. Carry out in installment hind, first phase of garden of golden getting a person of extraordinary powers 480 owner reach newer inclination with development business entirely and 100% sign remove compensation finds a place for agreement, solve those who tear open change door effectively to answer change question not only, also be helpful for developing fund of business steam again, accelerate drive a project to enter essence to build phase. What executive main body of project of first phase of Jin Zuanhao garden affirms is fair show show, the project includes 5 land, demolish limits inside in all 9 buildings, current situation total floor area 62 thousand square metre, executive main body is limited company of estate of Shenzhen Xin Huacheng. At this late hour, whole project had carried out 14 years, tear open change door to move for the most part also have 7 years of many time from home. “First phase and 2 period add up 800 tear open change door more, saw dawn at long last last year, who knew to give trouble again. ” owner Mr Liu says helplessly. By last year, development business was dismantling structure of area of first phase, enter examine and approve link when final phase, discovery has the house property card of owner of a yellow surname to cannot be cancelled. Just know later, the house property card of this owner already was frozen by court of people of blessing cropland division, origin is this owner is in debt be as high as many yuan 8000, after debt is baled, be managed by an asset the company is bought. This property right is frozen is company of this asset management put forward to ensure oneself rights and interests. The current situation? ? Project backwater damages each square interest is current, not only a change of owner adjourn again, development business also faces enormous capital pressure. “The project procrastinates one year more, owner is much ‘ roam about ‘ a year, we also can raise 200 million yuan capital cost. ” Lin Guowei of manager of project of limited company of Xin Huacheng estate says Shenzhen. Owner Mr Liu thinks, this owner and development business sign the contract that tear open change prevenient, rise debt and house property correlation again subsequently, just cause this one situation. Now only those who cancelled link of house property card to pull everybody half an year is long, all owner and development business can’t bear heavy burden. The reporter updates project spot to see in city of Jin Zuanhao garden, building site of project first phase, demolish basically already end, the overgrow on plot barren is careless. Although the property right of that flatlet house of dispute over obligation already was frozen, but this flatlet is produced already as all buildings demolish disappeared completely. “Below the circumstance that has disappeared in house property, if creditor insists blindly to let project backwater, not only can give a purpose to advance cause an effect, also go against safeguard oneself rights and interests. ” participate in harmonious Luo Hu Ou Cuizhu is street do relevant controller to say. Broken bureau? ? Proposal creditor is cancelled first after freezing application to throw the weight business of creditor, development in debtor, how to coordinate settle this matter, dissolve social contradiction? Green banboos of collect lake area is street do the near future to hold harmonious meeting 4 times continuously, coordinate each in an attempt to to reach consensus, advance a project to carry out with all one’s strength. Collect lake green banboos is street do a city to update department chief to express, according to the consensus that just reachs each at present, after project building, debtor asset manages company one party to be able to apply for to check the house property after be being become feudality, in order to ensure the debt rights and interests of oneself. But to ensure this project build smoothly, need is cancelled by debtor as soon as possible freeze application, by the court solution is sealed, let develop business to be finished smoothly thereby examine and approve flow. But because this one solution involves various and internal technological process, whole process is met relatively heavy and complicated. “We will supervise and urge with all one’s strength, solution of in an attempt to comes true finally. Solution of in an attempt to comes true finally..

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