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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Add up to of population of census register of area under administration, hobo is made an appointment with 20 much, how ” 39 batches of hoisting jack ” the force of enterprise of prize commonweal organization, love, enthusiastic citizen does good government the general affairs outside authority duty border, dweller of better service area under administration? Community serves a line through starting enthusiastic citizen to establish justice project, with love enterprise business door and unit of area under administration establish the pattern such as cooperative relation, form the commonweal team of a normalization. Garden of laurel of collect lake area is street be located in area of core of whole area and even whole town trade, finance, high buildings and large mansions is bristly, well-known company gathers, business affairs elite gathers together, how to catch vivid party to build in skyscraper eaves, agglomeration party heart? Laurel garden area under administration shares property village 186, property management is enclothed rate amount to 94.6% , how to form the benign modes of life and relation to their environment that property village administers, is implementation multivariate participate in, with all possible means win-win? In corporeal culture height rhythm of prosperity, job accelerates ceaselessly today, contemporary urbanite who cannot evasive duty field, job, marriage is loved, pressure heavy burden of the family, how around ” person ” this main body, does the progress that gives economy of area under administration the society add a few humanitarian consideration? Treat these ” new issue ” , gui Yuan is street the party is versed in appoint the secretary leaves those who go out is together ” old prescription ” — ” the party is built lead ” . So, as most the antenna of a gleam of and grasper, how does street community Party committee make Dang Jianzeng strong strength, extend range, reveal temperature, maintain temperature, become the backbone that basic level administers, leading wild goose truly? The party is built lead basic level processing, in what does the respect lead, how to lead, the effect how? How to combine Gui Yuan actual, take out Gui Yuan plan, let masses of area under administration truly accredit, support, be benefited? Taking these issues, we walk into Gui Yuan street go seeking the solution. The party is built + compose of the people’s livelihood builds social commonweal old structure free and tonsorial, mend shoes, law seeks advice, sew, pressure face, expire medicines and chemical reagents reclaims… on June 20 afternoon, in Gui Yuan Party committee of community of street Song Yuan is organized meticulously, party of a community group build in all civilian the activity pulls open heavy curtain. Weather is torrid, but the participation that more fervent is a dweller is enthusiastic, before every stall poll assemble is moved, the masses that comes round to participate in grows senior team since the platoon. Before some dwellers are taking the shoe in the home, clothes, come patchy, cut out, some dwellers are carrying flour to waiting to control an aspect, some dwellers are gotten destroy the rat, drug that fights cockroach is provided, buzzing with activity still is gotten a little before some dwellers crowd around to seek advice to look with item of small fact of the people’s livelihood apiration collects stall in law. Dweller king uncle says gladly: “This is to do a good work really, should write a shoe at ordinary times, accept a pants margin, look for a place hard already, it is not cheap still to collect fees, this serves excellent doorway, particularly convenient, we are special welcome. ” come round to offer commonweal the small Zhu Shui of tonsorial service: “Come over to serve to everybody, helped great master already, also be to us barber shop made free ad, mutual benefit win-win. ” Wu Guohui of secretary of community Party committee expresses: “Mobile effect exceeded our forecast, not only the participation of masses is enthusiastic very tall, volunteers also feel to do this work very valuable, went to the lavatory already others, him participator also has results. A few enthusiastic businessmen and citizen had fixed collaboration concern with us, come over to provide commonweal service regularly. ” this is Gui Yuan organization of street community party takes the lead take a stand, guide unit of enterprise of group of industry of dweller volunteer, community justice, love, area under administration to wait for a of service dweller masses vivid portraiture. Community waits in bridge of garden of wood of cervine red village, laurel, people, similar justice work is volunteer the team is likewise active. Social responsibility of the government is endless, but authority duty border is finite however, picture ground wants what to needed to be violated apparently for the place of bound ignore masses ” it is a center with people ” first heart, pull greatly with packets the thinking of all-pervasive government is old also ability not equal to one’s ambition. In Gui Yuan street party is versed in appoint clerical Feng Jian looks, what should achieve beneficial result of service of the people’s livelihood, society is the biggest change, the key has the time that do sewing work even, be good at force of society of have the aid of serving social demand. Feng Jian says: “The wisdom of people and energy are boundless, creation opportunity and platform let masses organize side of ego service, each other to help each other, the article that the people’s livelihood serves can do bigger more, it is better and better that social benefit is met. ” now, community serves a line through starting enthusiastic citizen to establish justice project, with love enterprise business door and unit of area under administration establish the pattern such as cooperative relation, formed the commonweal team of a normalization stage by stage, begin a service regularly, the satisfaction that better land promoted a dweller is spent, self-identity feeling, attributive feeling, be welcomed extensively. The party is built + Lou Yu lets ” stand rise ” leading Party group is knitted more effectively king, Beijing radical 100, Hua Runmo resembles a city… the freeboard layer that Gui Yuan area under administration has 100 meters of above builds 42, among them 14 are commercial floor space, pay taxes ” 100 million yuan of buildings ” 12. Space of these high-level commerce floor gathered domestic and international well-known company, assemble many 60 thousand ” gold is gotten ” ” white-collar ” wait for business affairs elite, there is no lack of among them Party member and activist of join or be admitted to the party. How to drive party organization to enclothe, the Party member group that invites Lou Yu ” does nearby settle down ” ? How is space of floor of commerce of press close to mixed new estate group is real, let ” stand rise ” is party organization more strong, have energy more? Street party is versed in appoint think, sing what song to what hilltop, the party builds the job that working in the final analysis is a person, catch the real party that pay work to build must want a characteristic of group of accurate Party member, enhance a party to build working specific aim, appeal, appeal. For this, street party is versed in appoint begin Lou Yu party to build integrated service to ensure a project, the shirt-sleeve problem that exert oneself solves a party to build development, business development and individual development, compose builds the community of value, development and interest. Street established 5 Lou Yu to combine Party committee and 2 companies Party committee for grasper with this, will 87 ” two new ” 1322 Party members bring into Party branch management. Begin ” double education ” activity, foster 25 industries mainstay to join leading Party group to knit early or late, foster 12 Party members to become an enterprise to be in charge of high, a Party member is by choose city party representative, party representative of 7 boroughs that be by choose. “Two new ” organize an area party to build integrated service to ensure a project to obtain Luo Hu area to deepen reform performance to evaluate project of outstanding nomination small reform in the round. Broken bits hits a bank to trade Feng Ji of chief inspector of the area austral ministry China represents the bank, broken bits hit a bank to established Party branch 2007, he arrives again to branch secretary from average employee sectional inspector general, experienced an individual grow, also witnessed ” two new ” the party builds development, experience the honor that serves as a Party member and responsibility even more. “Measure Dang Jianli what body develops to the enterprise now to drive on, reflect what develop in Party member individual to promote on, the party built the job to fall the ground. ” his say. The Beijing that is as high as 441.8 meters base 100 edifices, be located in Cai Wu to surround financial center area, it is building of Shenzhen ground mark. From Beijing base 100 edifices build join the gang to rise, laurel garden is street be in skyscraper of sex of mark of this ridgepole ground searchs a party to build position, establish associated Party committee. This is located in an edifice the Dang Jianzhen ground of 44 buildings is called to be built in ” the leading Party group in high in the clouds is knitted ” . The Party branch of hotel of class of financial orgnaization, large company, star, Party members had the space that begins a party to establish an activity. Beijing radical Chen Xiaobin of vice-president of limited company of management of 100 pay business expresses secretary of 100 combination Party committee, Beijing radical, since 100 combination Party committee establishs Beijing radical, expand economy of stimulative floor world to establish working jumping-off place and exert oneself point as the party, build party of world having a building to build the job and floor world economy in all the win-win of be in harmony, platform that promotes each other. For instance, establish small letter of friendship of couplet of floor world company in order to combine Party committee name group, build a party to establish service, society service, economy service ” Trinitarian ” service system, build the bridge of the contact between company of world having a building, formed the brand activity of Party member of a batch of services, agglomeration Party member. Chen Xiaobin says: “100 combination Party committee organizes Beijing radical 5 years continuously the Party member develops activity of travel of environmental protection green line, every time the activity has many 100 Party member to be participated in eagerly, the Party member communicates each other, company natural resources is shared, the party builds a brand to hit noisier more, party organization cohesive affinity also is increasing ceaselessly. ” 100 combination Party committee becomes Beijing radical party of space of floor of ministry of organization of Shenzhen municipal Party committee establishs demonstrative point, the first Party branch obtains ground king edifice judge leading Party group of whole town outstanding basic level to knit, street ” two new ” countrywide party is recieved to establish study communication group after Dang Jianxian 800 many, 10 thousand much person-time, floor space party is built in whole area and even whole town to have certain force. The party is built + basic level of property village activation administers ” nerve ending ” the author came to Gui Yuan a few days ago village of garden of street Hong Xiang, in village party group the service center saw Hou Shuzhen of secretary of general Party branch. She tells a reporter, the village admits property management company, trade earlier appoint the Party member in meeting and dweller group built village general Party branch, form group of village party organization, dweller, line of business appoint company of meeting, property management ” quaternity ” the party establishs working pattern. The village is core with party organization, built ” 4 discuss two open ” working mechanism, property management company, course of study appoint the dialog between the meeting appeals to beg, change ably into leading Party group to knit interior to coordinate, drive early or late solve a car insufficient, headroom casts content, the people’s livelihood the issue with the 15 dwellers strong report such as classification of small real issue, rubbish, obtain village dweller to agree reputably. “The village has contradiction previously, administrative office just is mixed course of study appoint can undertake communication, but because each are free-standing field is different, have a difference of opinions big, even each other does not let, cause partial problem long procrastinate not definitely. ” Hou Shuzhen says, “Everybody often sits together now, discuss adequately to the thing of the village, draw on the wisdom of the masses, communicate rise more free was arranged. ” ” after building platform, unit of original village property and course of study appoint the problem that can not solve, through general Party branch feedback gives community Party committee, induce by community Party committee arrange, interior of community of one share issue is solved, section of business of street, urban district comes to one part butt joint processing, the way that widened the problem is solved, improved the efficiency that the problem solves, masses satisfaction is spent also rose. ” Wu Guohui of secretary of Party committee of loose garden community has feeling ground greatly to say. 9 lines are in the subway garden mountain installs 4 passageway, among them C passageway tightens Lin Hongxiang garden, but there are get through passageway and way of village northwest part on construction graph. Village general Party branch refers the question community Party committee, report group of street and harmonious subway, not only solved a passageway to offer an issue, still increase rainy season gutter channel and block waterline, solved all the year round monsoon water issue. Village party organization is passed build platform, introduce resource, begin a service, guide village dweller to attend a village actively autonomy and build in all, farther harmonious neighborhood relation, straightened content to run a concern, form coagulate the heart gets together force, neighborhood keeps watch, the good fashion that solidarity helps each other. Guide village property to serve an enterprise to be in fulfil content to run responsibility, promotion environmental sanitation character, strengthen public security fire control, dissolve dispute contradiction to go up to serve as actively, for property service company participated in social processing to undertake beneficial exploration. Come for years the incident such as case of great fire, criminal, pilfer is not had inside the village happen, the village is obtained early or late review an area village of example of safe culture of village of fine house village, town fine house, city, city ” type of garden type gardens ” the multinomial special honour such as home of environmental protection of green of residential village, city. The party is built + ” be convinced Wu ” for high-rise bristly city adds humanitarian warm color lively metropolitan, alone everybody. Gui Yuan is located in Shenzhen the heartland with this metropolitan international, what every urbanite experiences skyscraper, neon lamp already is flourishing, also cannot the fast rhythm of evasive urbanism, great pressure. In roar and busy city, whether find corner warmth harbour, experience the person’s changes in temperature, reflect urban temperature? On June 25, in Gui Yuan party of square of century of street grand grand group service center, ” psychological health care is held ” commonweal lecture is being performed. As slow music, sweet light, tens of names work in Lou Yu ” gold is gotten ” ” white-collar ” put down pressure, open to open state of mind, follow professional psychology to seek advice from division Dong Xiaofang to experience psychological health care to hold. Dong Xiaofang expresses, rhythm of contemporary urbanite life is fast, actuating pressure is great, psychology inferior healthy crowd is absent a few, learn psychological knowledge, conduce to mood management and mental health, have very good stimulative effect to the job and domesticity. “At ordinary times everybody works busy, easy oversight mental health, realize problem hind is likely also conceal one’s fault for fear of criticism, use this platform to come to do commonweal to go to the lavatory already everybody is participated in, also can give up apprehension, the effect is better. ” Dong Xiaofang says. Gui Yuan is street still combine resource of medical treatment of area under administration, the service project of of all kinds mental health is developed in community, build pride for compose of dweller of area under administration self-confident, active up, foundation of rational and gentle tamp of social state of mind. This is Gui Yuan street use a party group a silhouette that service center position begins humanitarian consideration. Street and mutual 8 community party group service center and party of 3 Lou Yu group service center, outside serving a function except contented and basic administration, party work, street return green Fu of labour of have the aid of to wait for group of groups, organism, company the force such as enterprise of health center, tripartite, aim at dweller demand normalization to begin psychology to seek advice, old person consideration, young child care of mandatory, female ” small real issue ” ” be convinced Wu ” , cogent the party group the service center is made ” have temperature, have energy, have distinguishing feature ” build in all share position. ■ with garden of problem interlocution laurel street party is versed in appoint clerical Feng Jian: Real play party builds lead, community autonomy action asks: What with 3 keywords description you are in is street. Feng Jian: Historical inheritance, appropriate resides development of appropriate course of study, innovation. Historical inheritance: Gui Yuan is street doing is Shenzhen city most two when hold water first street do one of, held water 1979, gui Yuan’s street red village community is seat of government of former Baoan county Party committee, county, street phylogeny is a phylogeny of condensing Shenzhen special economic zone almost. Appropriate occupies appropriate industry: Gui Yuan is street it is the city zone of center of economy of Luo Hu region, business affairs and financial development, here has the financial area with bristly high-rise, have international headquarters of China of office of 4 big accountant, return Wang Dasha having the land, Beijing radical these 100 Shenzhen of each period the first high-rise, in these high-rise not only the high end such as active financial industry serves industry, still Shenzhen consumes a space top classly, basic necessities of life, live and work in peace and contentment, be in basically Gui Yuan street OK and perfect do calm. Innovation develops: 40 years of Shenzhen, 40 years be reforming and opening, reform also is the root of Gui Yuan’s fetch and Gui Yuan. Gui Yuan’s history, mix now in the future, before going up, the way that can develop as always in innovation goes. Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Feng Jian: “The party is built + the people’s livelihood + community autonomy ” concept of basic level processing and mode. The people’s livelihood is street central work, we offerred a lot of the people’s livelihood to serve an item to masses, but is dweller masses satisfactory to the service? In the bottom of one’s heart that how accomplishs service of the people’s livelihood the dweller? Our a magic weapon is in beginning the people’s livelihood to serve play party is built lead, the action of community autonomy. According to street ” one community one characteristic ” unified deploy, below the organization of community Party committee, breed and develop community autonomy organization, let a dweller participate in what the people’s livelihood serves project and public general affairs to choose, decision-making, carry out, superintend, feedback whole process, accomplish truly arouse masses, rely on masses, build thereby build in all treat the society that share to administer pattern in all. In addition, gui Yuan’s street floor space party is built very typical also. Laurel garden high-rise is bristly, the enterprise is numerous. Street party is versed in appoint company of associated floor world makes a party build position jointly. From position construction develops an activity to constituent Party member, we a service company demand, guide an enterprise to pass on a society to be caught as two keys. Be in Beijing for example base 100, Ji Dangqun service center built ground Wang Dasha and Hong Longshi associated Party committee and a certain number of Party branch, spend from another dimension built the communication cooperation platform between enterprise and Party committee government, enterprise, be helpful for building better battalion business environment. We disentomb actively still the volunteer team resource of the enterprise, start attorney office to begin law of harmonious labor relations law to groom, constituent English grooms the orgnaization begins commonweal English to groom wait for an activity. Not only aggrandizement the party is built lead, still aroused company natural resources, help strength the company grows. Not long ago, we invite Tan Gang of vice-president of Party school of Shenzhen municipal Party committee to entrepreneur people program of area of big bay of the HongKong and Macow that tell another name for Guangdong Province, decide 50 many quota of people formerly, the result came many 70 entrepreneur, bring to the enterprise wisdom help strength, this one activity is building of grand grand century service center organization begins Yu Dangqun. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Feng Jian: Street routine thousands of strands and loose ends, according to the area appoint make up do combed working duty, have 500 multinomial. Street community Party committee is a party the battle fort in basic level, how to develop a party to build lead action, grab this 500 multinomial jobs solid had caught stress a result, accomplish truly let an organization be at ease, people is satisfactory, this is the test that to us basic level party organizes, also be cadre of our Party member cannot be challenged evasively. For instance, it how be built with the party is better to how be built with the party lead the city zone processing? This problem is perforative all the time and street each job, I hope to be able to be used ” the party is built + the people’s livelihood + community autonomy ” concept and mode, will build in all treat the society that share to administer pattern to be rolled out in basic level in all. The party is built lead basic level processing, it is a party above all the organization wants firm and strong volume, party member cadre wants assault fortified positions to carry weight, cogent come out advanced sex play. Such, without giving thought to much more multifarious task, build the party lead old standard to carry, start Party member cadre, often can break through somewhat. Ask: What word do the Party members that consider pair of area under administration most say? Feng Jian: I want to say to the Party member, the Party member of new era should remember a mission well already, play model is the first action, but also want at the same time with when all is entered, want to innovation develops thinking, should be good at innovation applying ” maple bridge experience ” begin masses works and undertake the society arouses. Also hope broad dweller masses can ego service, ego management, participate in together whole and street come with the development of community, ginseng of true body adult and, the favorable situation with responsible everybody. ■ case ” fellow villager village ” Party branch: Build in Shenzhen case very big ” ” ” is excuse me the field that day free on July 6? We organize an activity presumably. ” to Beijing base 100 edifices the party of 44 buildings group service center, bring up familiar route of day dragon ripe door. Besides own job, another identity of Ju Tianlong is garden of laurel of Luo Hu area street Sichuan secretary of Party branch of flow of An Anbai city. On July 6 that day, sichuan of native place of the dragon that bring up a day is wide how city is wide the constituent ministry that brings a district should come to Shenzhen, the name of branch will change ” Ou Guiyuan of collect lake of city of Shenzhen of the Communist Party of China is street wide install an area to be versed in in deep Wu personnel serves general management Party branch ” , two ground Party committee is double management. To conduct an activity, the Beijing that brought up day dragon to find combination to be built in all base 100 parties group service center. “This field wants this kind of use on the clique namely, we welcome! ” Chen Xiaobin of secretary of 100 combination Party committee says Beijing radical. Gui Yuan is street have not merely lofty the skyscraper that go up, also have the village in the city. Mouth of the bearer outside Shenzhen is much, it is foreign service worker worker more very, because ground predestined relationship, close predestined relationship and industry predestined relationship concern, habitual inhabit a region, form ” fellow villager village ” , work of many 6000 wide life that bring a person is in Gui Yuan is street. Ju Tianlong is wide how city is wide bring person of village of strip of land between hills of tablet of area white small towns, father and grandfather all are the Party branch secretary with the old job that it is a party, suffer domestic effect, he came to had held the post of village branch secretary 5 years 1993 1988. Next Shenzhen austral 1993 work, he was in 2004 Gui Yuan is street open an aviation tourism Wu does sth for sb dot, the road that walks up to do poineering work independently. “In Gui Yuan, wide install fellow-townsman much, I had become village cadre, encounter difficulty, everybody likes to look for me. ” . Ju Tianlong says frankly, in this process, oneself are produced slowly give a think of a way, if will be in,the organization of fellow-townsman of 20 many Party members of laurel garden rises, establish Party branch of a flow, can more be helpful for communicating communication external? To this idea, collect lake area appoint constituent ministry and Gui Yuan street party labour appoint give support energetically, transfer establish funds 10 thousand yuan, street in very little earth the place of very little gold vacated an office technically to regard Party branch as mobile room. Rely on Party branch, ju Tianlong is Sichuan wide installed fellow-townsman to build in Shenzhen ” ” . Considering fellow-townsman people mostly culture level is low, party branch holds labor law to wait regularly all sorts of practical groom, please teacher, seek ground, it is street party labour appoint support energetically. Annual summer vacation, the child of fellow-townsman comes Shenzhen and parents reunite, branch can be held close child one day swims; When spending the New Year, rely on Party branch funds, the fellow-townsman that will not buy a ticket to come home people the organization rises, hold tea party of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, let everybody harvest solace in foreign land. Because of the existence of Party branch of going from place to place, ju Tianlong also becomes fellow-townsman people in the mouth accepted ” everybody is long ” . The consequence of Party branch of going from place to place still crossed a region. Once, a few fellow-townsman in former outside Shanghaiguan a building site did a few months, finishing, 60 thousand multivariate salary does not written guarantee however, fellow-townsman should jump urgently building. The message passes Ju Tianlong here, he drives an accident to the ground immediately, local police pulled cordon at that time, circumstances is critical. Ju Tianlong cries to the fellow-townsman that have never met before: “I assure to help you get back a pay, if denounce,do not come back, I give you from dig down compensate! ” Ju Tianlong remembers, collect lake area appoint Gao Yanyong of constituent ministry undersecretary, street party is versed in appoint the leader follows him to had said, “Ju Shuji, you do right thing, we are you ‘ tiring-room ‘ ! ” this lets him feel to have very much ” the bottom is angry ” . That day, these a few propaganda to the enemy at the front line had effect, fellow-townsman came down from altitude, a crisis is dissolved at aeriform. Open a mobile phone casually, inside the small letter of ten 500 people group twinkling, “Those who be in Shenzhen is wide install fellow-townsman, the person that I should know 80% above ” . Although sometimes for ” intermeddle ” so busy that cannot leave hand in, the from the bottom of one’s heart in heart of dragon of Dan Ju day is glad.