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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, the prize-giving celebration of contest of division of crude business of high school of North America of the 77th FBLA is in the United States Shengandongniao undertakes the Texas. By second year in high school (13) the delegation of Shenzhen middle school that ease of 3 students He Jun, Zhang Yukun, Wu Yifeng comprises the class, win the whole world revolutionarily in team of 200 international student the 9th good achievement (this project China takes part in the match before this the team is optimal achievement is the whole world the 10th) . At the beginning of this year Feburary, in trials of FBLA China area, this group obtains objective problem exam and analysis of subjective problem case to always distribute countrywide first good success in Marketing module, be seleted American final successfully. Face driving rival, team member people group of the before whole world of successful and selected project 15 battle in preparing adequately to surpass promotion in the United States, obtain the whole world in final game the beautiful accomplishment of the 9th. In the meantime, directive teacher Chen Lirong wins division of 2019 year China outstanding and directive teacher. As we have learned, the full name of FBLA is Future Business Leaders Of America, it is the whole world organization of organization of education of development of large student profession and commercial accomplishment education, education. FBLA is current the match operation that by the United States Ministry of Education of each state government establishs special FBLA contest section to be in charge of each city. The activity that FBLA sponsors is American law is approved civil approbate and the activity that requirement Ministry of Education and high school develop.