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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 8 morning, to build the grumous atmosphere that establishs civilized town further, bring a neat surroundings to community dweller, party committee of boreal station community produces vanward type effect adequately, make from oneself, constituent community volunteer is begun volunteer sweep the action. Participate in volunteers that sweep the action, carry on do not be afraid that suffering is not afraid of dirty do not be afraid of tired spirit, the hand takes shovel, broom, clincher to wait sweep a tool, along the line, wholesome to the driveway blind angle undertook centralized keeping clear of greatly. Will arouse with real operation everybody participates in environmental sanitation together volunteer in sweeping, come, raise a dweller to found the consciousness of civilized town, extensive conduct propaganda moves a the whole people to participate in start civil operation, advocate civilized lifestyle, build beautiful home in all.