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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, the products plan below 2019 originality times and global eye shot and forum of height of research and development are held in Shenzhen, mobile spot still held Changsha manage to be versed in university Shenzhen originality designs an academy to award card ceremony, the Bai Xinglong company of area under administration of Luo Hu of this academy settle. This second activity packs Inc. to combine the Changsha technical institute, say Pentawards award group that has Oscar of group of the design that pack hand in hand to hold by originality of cypress star dragon. Tens of speech honored guest and the industry elite below nearly 1000 lines on the line share originality to pack industry wind direction. As we have learned, academy of design of originality of Shenzhen of college of Changsha grain industry belongs to a city small-sized institute, can foster major to design a handsome appearance not only, make design industry catenary lay in talent resource, still can provide a platform that communicates delibrate for industry business.

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