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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To consolidate further dweller of area under administration is swept black except achievement of activity of evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting, master telecommunication to prevent the basic knowledge of bilk, publicize drugs knowledge and harm energetically, build the whole people to boycott ginseng of drugs, person and the grumous atmosphere that prohibit toxin, on July 8 afternoon, community of celestial being lake is begun inside village of Fu Dahua garden sweep black prevent except evil, telecommunication bilk and the propaganda that prohibit toxin.

Reseau of workstation of community of celestial being lake member, the company that prohibit toxin is versed in union emulates drugs prop to endanger a gender to undertake introductory especially to property of of all kinds drugs, dweller of help area under administration understands drugs to endanger, establish gas defence consciousness, raise refus poisonous ability to explain poison to taste the harm sex that brings to family, society at the same time, admonish how does the dweller teach children to not be infected with drugs, arouse to broad dweller supports and be taken an active part in in the job that prohibit toxin, advocate broad dweller actively collective hand in hand, reject drugs, provide black evil clue, build healthy and restful surroundings jointly. Of this activity begin raise the whole people to ban poisonous consciousness, built strong community to ban poisonous atmosphere.

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