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番禺海恒水疗 你懂的

Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To let Song Quan community children understands the hard-earned that we live happily today, the society values life, the society is thankful. On July 7, 2019, in Party committee of loose spring community support energetically below, party of loose spring community group community of organization of labor of service center company is close child the family was begun ” do not forget the heart remembers a mission well first- – change the body is veteran the experience goes ” activity. This second activity attracted community 30 pairs kiss child family in all 50 much people attend. According to the time program of eve, community is close child family at 9 o’clock half punctual in book a place to assemble, before passing a bus, toward collect lake area patriotism teachs base ” memorial hall of martyr of Liang Jinsheng revolution ” . Inside memorial hall, display decorate majestic and solemn and respectful, show formal diversity, have statue, exhibit board, picture, hangover is waited a moment. Memorial hall the masterstroke with the history, ordinal to close child the family reveals Liang Jinsheng period of teenager aspire and great revolution period, land revolution period, War of Resistance Against Japan nots hesitate for people’s happiness the revolutionary martyr achievement of sacrificial youth, warm blood and even life. Staff member guiding is close child martyr of domestic visiting revolution exhibits a house, tell about a picture, a story of an objective backside, teaching children not to forget today’s happiness lives forever is countless martyr people throw a head, spill warm blood, gave oneself precious life and change, make children experience the hard-earned of happy life.

This theme activity, the patriotism education that let children accept vivid form not only and revolutionary tradition are taught, also sowed the seed that loves native place of the motherland, love on children’s little heart at the same time, arouse children to value life, be thankful other of the life, care, the happiness of redound society is volunteer.    

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