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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Club of Shenzhen city football and autograph of collaboration of strategy of green example of Shenzhen middle school make an appointment with a ceremony to was held in Shenzhen middle school on July 9, this is area of afterwards collect lake after middle school of emerald green garden and school of experiment of level ground hill, course of study of Shenzhen beautiful million is in Shenzhen the base of another green example of layout, sureness of team green example plunges into a mainland.
Deep sufficient deep in both sides of delegate of Wang Xingong of assistant of president of middle school of implementation win-win Shenzhen and plum of Ding Dong of general manager of club of Shenzhen city football signed agreement of cooperation of green example strategy, both sides will be built in all in echelon formation wait for a respect to begin series collaboration, in the meantime, deep sufficient club gives a shop sign to Shenzhen middle school, deep in become talent of deep sufficient teenage football to develop base. Shenzhen city teachs hair of aqua fortis of bureau deputy director general to express in ceremonially, shenzhen city teachs bureau general in every respect support of ground of do one’s best is late sufficient with deep medium collaboration. He says: “The football is a kind of motion not just, still be a kind of spirit, it is the effective carrier that expands quality education. Shenzhen middle school is the calling card of Shenzhen, deep sufficient the calling card that also is Shenzhen, two pieces of calling card are put together, can blossom piece more the ray that glow, for Shenzhen this city graces buy variety. ” Zhu Huawei of president of Shenzhen middle school expresses, this collaboration is acted on ” win-win ” principle, the hope is passed ” cooperative · is built in all ” mode, let elite football athlete enjoy high grade education natural resources, get better education; The football education that lets average student be able to accept Gao Shuiping at the same time, 0 distances experience the culture of professional club and mechanism. The target that cooperates this, the first it is the football team that develops a Gao Shuiping, let deep midleg ball obtain good result in the match of whole town, complete province and even whole nation; The 2nd it is to promote Shenzhen middle school to form good football culture, the student in making more deep likes a football, accept high grade football to teach. Regard Shenzhen middle school as alumnus, group of beautiful million trade accuses an executive trustee to hold Mai Fan of president of club of football of city of president, Shenzhen concurrently to express: “This green example collaboration is Shenzhen middle school and professional football the most adjacent. The hope is deep sufficient with deep in after reaching long-term cooperation, sex of the consciousness of the style of study of Shenzhen middle school, student, self-discipline and independence ponder over ability, can affect young plant of new generation football, develop more and outstanding person with ability for Shenzhen football and Chinese football. ” join forces is made deep in echelon formation learns to will build U12 in all in deep sufficient club and Shenzhen namely 2007 age Duan Ti team, with ” beautiful million job is difficult in ” name attends match of professional echelon formation. This action is direct get through the passageway of campus football and professional football, for Shenzhen native land latent capacity young plant offerred the opportunity of direct deep sufficient echelon formation and platform of professionalism contest example. Deep sufficient in will expediting coach group of Gao Shuiping and technical group to garrison Shenzhen, learn, elaborate select material, to teach students in accordance of their aptitude of outstanding young plant. Coach group is main member hold inferior the certificate of sufficient couplet class A or above level, have experience of rich football green example. Beautiful million job is difficult in echelon formation is daily training and match will are in charge of arranging by deep sufficient club, complement of all insurance, nutrition and major equip, will deploy according to the standard of professional group by the club. Deep sufficient club will ensure echelon formation team member carries the game of a series of high quality, get grow and ascensive. Mai Fan expresses, cooperate through this, the member that the hope emphasizes education spherule reads the ability of the match, consciousness that forms ego promotion on the football ground. As long as ” the ability that develops the child from many sided, let the child can be kicked can ponder over meeting study to be able to progress, can think Chinese football green example contributes force certainly ” . Green standard system is shown at the beginning of function of green example hematopoiesis construction of green example echelon formation, it is group of beautiful million trade is entered all the time advocate the key after deep sufficient club works. The club thinks, qing Xunjian sets the social liability that is deep sufficient club not only, it is implementation more ego hematopoiesis, make mainland change top-ranking club of powerful group, implementation is long-term the only way that can develop continuously. Come nearly 3 years, deep sufficient club already established many echelon formation such as U19, U17, U15, U14, U13 and U12, in collect lake area school of experiment of hill of middle school of emerald green garden, level ground is mixed Shenzhen middle school early or late layout green example base. Current, peep of function of hematopoiesis of deep sufficient green example, player of echelon formation of many deep sufficient green example already entered line of a gleam of of course of study of Shenzhen beautiful million blast in. On July 7 in in exceeding league matches the 16th round, field of guest of course of study of Shenzhen beautiful million with 1 ∶ 1 battle makes the same score new happiness of Heibei an ancient name for China, then Er head gives out assorted of · of river of force of leaf of player of green standard of industry of Shenzhen beautiful million dozen full 90 minutes, always send a key to pass finally in the match in, help team breaks even score.