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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 20 morning, luo Wenzhi of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress leads a team to survey project of lotus pond port, understanding project builds a case, advance a project to accelerate progress. He emphasizes, should do each harmonious, preparatory work with good project construction and enlightened port laxly none, ensure lotus pond port debuts smoothly on time, the connection that is close Hong Kong and inland adds new bridge again.
Boat pats the lotus pond port in construction (data photograph) . CFP comprises a Yang Hong for members of standing committee of graph municipal Party committee, municipal government party, shi Gang of secretary-general of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, and committee member of standing committee of partial city National People’s Congress and delegate of city National People’s Congress attended to inspect an activity. In Luo Hu project of port of area lotus pond builds the site, luo Wenzhi walks into hall of condition of brigade check building, discrepancy, look carefully at the project case that undertaking ending works on the spot. Chair subsequently held an informal discussion to listen to relevant department report, attend inspected city National People’s Congress to represent ” dot assist ” circumstance of project construction progress, put forward a lot of very good opinions to suggest to the construction of lotus pond port and operation. Lotus pond port regards HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province as the traffic hub project with big bay main area, it is goods check and brigade check omnibus overland port, also be to realize deep harbor to step condition liaison man ” Dong Jindong goes out, enter on the west go out on the west ” the eastpart part of overall situation is important port. The project always is 17.7 hectare with ground area, total floor area makes an appointment with 137 thousand square metre, total investment makes an appointment with 1.545 billion yuan, goods check and brigade check all are used ” one-stop ” close mode, realize frontier defence, custom first, examine quarantine examines, discharged. The reporter learns on the meeting, lotus pond port already finished the check at the beginning of complete and fire control to check and accept, cooperating to advance with all one’s strength at present one-stop earth of form a complete set is built wait for ending project, will have enlightened requirement in September this year, wait for harbor square (sweet garden surrounds port) build rear can throw use. After this port is enlightened, can promote Hong Kong and Shenzhen the eastpart part, benefit city and another name for Guangdong Province already east, south another name for Jiangxi Province, the ability of between the passenger transport that cross a boundary austral Fujian, can farther close harbor is deep and even inland is other the come-and-go between the area, let traffic unifinication become big bay area to make the motive force of joint-stock source further. Luo Wenzhi asks, want job of the solid ending that finish, make sure quality; should have done project safety to coordinate seriously join, ensure the project is cast on time should push project of form a complete set as a whole with; , play project uses benefit, realize each other of a variety of traffic means interconnection to connect, without seam join, let stream of people, content shed utmost fast and convenient close, raise port whole effectively to run efficiency; to want to promote port management capability, implementation project is efficient operation. The reporter learns from the meeting, next standing committee of city National People’s Congress still will continue to increase the materiality that invests a project to the government to supervise strength, the science that improves a government to invest project management ceaselessly is changed, standardization, careful change a standard, ensure great finance capital throws the government to produce beneficial result adequately, had been in charge of for common people truly ” money bag ” .   

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