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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Luo Hu is the building with the earliest Shenzhen area, recording Shenzhen to develop change. The footstep of each Shenzhen person, once kept track in Luo Hu. But the development as the city, a few problems also are exposed stage by stage come out, for example person discharge is accumulative east environment of door shopping mall is dirty, random, poor, exceed a line to manage, place in disorder sell etc. Build to reinforce urban culture, luo Hu to the appearance of a city ” dense disease ” bold ” bright sword ” , hold to problem and people demand two direct, with ” embroider ” the quality that kongfu promotes the city zone and ” Yan Zhi ” , defeat the new issue that sees urban government appear, new challenge effectively, make hard ” high-quality goods, delicate, wonderful ” the city zone.

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