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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On April 26, shenzhen railway station and collect lake port piece lane of job of conformity of achievement of advisory design of international of area city design and ceremony of total advisory appoint to a position are held, before paragraph the Shenzhen railway station that time has and collect lake port piece be seleted design orgnaization 6 times when international of area city design seeks advice to show a body, discuss conformity to design achievement jointly, drive face about of this Ou Huali. Hero installs director of new developed area traffic of orbit of former deputy secretary-general, city builds government of people of city of particularly advisory, Shenzhen orbit of former assistant general director, city handles headquarters original owner holds the post of Zhao Peng forest to be hired to be ” Shenzhen railway station and Luo Hu port, assume instructor, wait for relevant administration to coordinate as a whole. Collect lake area appoint the Song Dynasty of member of leading Party group of government of members of standing committee, district is delayed Mr Lin issued Xiang Zhaopeng to invite certificate. Next, day of academy of design of Chinese town planning, company limited builds traffic of city of design, Shenzhen to plan to design railroad of research center limited company, China to design combine of group limited company to will begin the design good point that deepen research and absorbs each to be seleted an orgnaization, the formal design achievement that undertake to designing achievement conformity is deepened further and forms this international to seek advice. It is reported, collect lake area will capture area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to build the strategic good luck of development closely, strengthen cooperation of deep harbor deepness further, strive Shenzhen railway station and collect lake port piece the area is made make the world’s top-ranking portal ground bid, make the new calling card of the new engine that city of new era Luo Hu develops and Shenzhen.