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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Country trade edifice to Shenzhen for city of pioneer of this reforming and opening, bearing the weight of the memory of generation person. Recently, the reporter learns from deep property group, deep property group plans to found a state history of trade edifice reforming and opening displays a house, now sincere collect the exhibition data such as relevant old thing, old photograph extensively to social all circles. It is reported, this house collects collect cultural relic, display reveal, a variety of functions such as propagandist education at an organic whole. Collect data limits to include report and edifice of testimony nation trade and history of deep property group, have; of representative of all kinds thing to be in spatio-temporal go up to basically show it is trade edifice and course of development of deep property group, important to can reflect a state adequately all article; such as historical incident include old thing, old photograph, archives, newspaper and books on the category. In the meantime, collect with the country the clew related character of great history incident, important history mixes trade edifice and deep property group information. Collect means to have the following 5 kinds: (One) donate. Individual or organization change the droit free of exhibit the state of one’s own accord history of trade edifice reforming and opening displays a house, the historical value that tastes according to donation, scientific value and artistic value, display a house to will issue honorary letter for dedicator, the donator when article exhibits is permanent sign. (2) of short duration is put. The exhibit that the person that collect does not wish to sell and be donated, display a house to need very again showpiece, can talk things over through both sides, free is signed on freewill foundation paid perhaps borrow exhibit consultative; to borrow exhibit Tibet to taste of short duration to put fee is fixed during displaying a house. (3) duplicate. To having the exhibit that exhibits offer value, can adopt the method that duplicate or is modelled on to give reveal, can talk things over through both sides, on freewill foundation, pay fixed fee appropriately. (4) paid buy. Show value to having and the exhibit that holder does not wish to donate, can adopt paid bought way undertakes collecting. (5) other. The other way that law, administrative regulations allows, inspect a condition specific talk things over. Intended person can contact deep property group: Address: The road austral people of division of Shenzhen city collect lake edifice of international trade center contact of   of 16 buildings; :   of Bi Liang; connects a telephone call: 0755-82212955;   the email: First [email protected];   concentration collects time to end to on May 31, 2019.