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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: As Luo Hu old the city zone promotes development, give somebody a new lease on life ” new Luo Hu ” the Cai Wu of priority discipline is surrounded plan as a whole the city replaces a division, received an important hour again on April 21 afternoon: Plan as a whole house of Cai of unit of the biggest owner surrounds an area village illicit curtilage property tears open change to transform arouse congress is in Jing Jijing the hotel is held ceremoniously. This mark is worn in HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province the big setting of strategy of country of big bay area falls, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole the city updates an area to build city 40 years in Shenzhen, drive was entered during Luo Hu builds a division 40 years, implementation is carried again fast.
Cai Wu surrounds village illicit curtilage property tears open change to transform arouse congress spot.
Chief of collect lake area, street concerned branch and honored guest are attended arouse congress.
Chen Hua of president of Beijing radical group makes a speech.
Cai Wu surrounds Cai Jianguang of joint-stock company president to make a speech.
Project of 100 cities synthesis made Beijing radical with all possible means the city of win-win is updated ” Cai Wu surrounds mode ” . Garden of laurel of collect lake area is street agency director Ceng Dehuai, city of collect lake area is updated with Zhu Jie of deputy director general of bureau of land reorganize and outfit, country of collect lake area Wang Qun of endowment bureau deputy director general, house of Shenzhen city Cai surrounds Cai Zhuoxian of chairman of Cai Zixian of Cai Jianguang of industrial Inc. president, general manager, supervision board, yang Yuxiong of president of real estate of Chen Hui of president of real estate of Chen Hua of president of Beijing radical group, Beijing radical, Beijing radical and Cai Wu surround village villager, owner nearly 700 people are attended arouse congress. Luo Hu chases city of area of dream big bay to call area of lake of leading role collect newlier appoint clerical He Haitao is in the area at the beginning of this year appoint 7 3 parties generation can put forward in the report, set out again with reforming and opening advance Luo Hu to promote development in the round. Hold a city to upgrade newlier with the industry closely this two big grasper, aggrandizement is big area, big project is driven. Update develop space through the city, carry character, strong function, upgrade through the industry the condition that add job, promote growth of energy level, hurried, the way that allows Luo Hu goes wider more. Collect lake trifling grew Luo Yode to put forward 1 million spaces to release the action quickly in the governmental working report this year. Union is big area, big purpose is developed as a whole, annual releases the communal space of above of 1 million square metre and industrial space, can develop continuously for Luo Hu open new phase. Hold to a city to plan as a whole newlier greatly. 5 cities are finished to update inside year the plan is examined and approve and 6 areas class plans to examine and approve, offer the ground 180 thousand square metre, drive lake shellfish, Cai Wu to surround with all one’s strength two plan as a whole greatly start working adds a division newly a key replaces unit, annual city updates the fixed assets that finish to invest 15 billion yuan. 1979 on March 29, luo Hu regards Shenzhen as first city area under administration hang out his shingle formally, become the person that the forerunner of great practice mixes reforming and opening to be benefited the earliest. This year on March 29, collect lake area appoint district government with ” encourage act vigorously enters 40 years, reforming and opening sets out again ” for the theme, hold collect lake area to blend in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of service another name for Guangdong Province actively to build priority discipline start working, autograph to be reached about release an activity, with the city zone of this polished reform pioneer ” gold-lettered signboard ” , drive Luo Hu to set sail again below strategy of country of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, the travel before pursueing a dream, the new page that reforming and opening of compose of do all one can sets out again. He Haitao expresses, luo Hu wants the action with seize every minute, with HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province construction of big bay area is key link, for Luo Hu ” 40 green, hoist the sails to set sail again ” blow bugle. He says, pursue area of dream big bay, luo Hu wants to hold to the city is updated and character promotion develops simultaneously, in ” the world-class city with red-blooded construction group ” in take advanced line. Increase a city to update a program to lead, piece the area plans as a whole strength, according to ” 3 belts two lines, 3 areas 3 ” total space layout, in deep south road along the line makes a city ” line of the most beautiful horizon ” , strive for along the line of road of will red mountain to bring into ” urban new sitting room ” program, whole promotes the function of the city zone and quality. Accelerate lake shellfish, Cai Wu to surround two plan as a whole greatly a construction of district go into operation. House of Cai of collect lake area is surrounded plan as a whole an area city is newer unit area makes an appointment with 30 hectare, it is the important grasper that Luo Hu is big area, big project drives. 2013, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole the city updates an area to be included whole town key to update a project. Plan as a whole an area is main include Cai Wu to surround surround newly an area, old surround south village and south village on the west piece area, Qing Qingxin village, bank center village, south village east uptown, brilliant public house of hotel, extensive region world transform section. Should plan as a whole an area accumulate 335480.5 square metre with the ground, demolish area of the limits that use the land 301741 square metre, plan cubage leads total floor area 2676700 square metre. Among them 1/3 what Cai Wu surrounds a village. Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole after the city completes a division newlier, will develop the pushing with huge generation to move action to can lasting of Luo Hu. Cai Wu surrounds an area the Manhaduhuaer that compare a shoulder canary of street, London, Paris pulls De Fang this, the world-class city center such as the annulus in Hong Kong, make the central point of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province. It is industrial space is updated. Plan as a whole an industrial space that above of 1.7 million square metre will provide after area building, the international that drives Luo Hu effectively to be given priority to with finance, commerce, culture consumes the construction of central core area, drive about 76 billion yuan economy gross, implementation makes an appointment with 17 billion yuan taxation, function of center of banking of aggrandizement collect lake. 2 it is communal space is updated. With great theater, Xiaoping square is the core of communal space and ligament, reach park of great theater, small smooth square, litchi through stereo network circumjacent characteristic is street organic connection, make bid of new ground of Shenzhen city culture. 3 it is communal form a complete set is updated. The village in will removing a wall is close the old building of 488 thousand square metre. By whole town layout of a dish of chess increases a city public service facilities and infrastructure of great liaison man, the communal space of new heighten character makes an appointment with 75 thousand square metre, add safeguard sex housing newly research and development of industry of 70 thousand square metre, government uses a room establishment of 75 thousand square metre, communal form a complete set 50 thousand square metre, make division of example of high quality the people’s livelihood. 4 it is traffic is updated. In what have 1, 2, 3, on the foundation of 9 4 subways routes, added 5 lines line and project of 11 lines Dong Yan are delayed on the west, compose built the city of hub of traffic of city level path and direct airport to await machine building, great strengthen Luo Hu new center and blessing cropland, before the connection of the sea, airport, get run city of domestic a gleam of. Build city to build a division 40 yearsCai Wu is surrounded set out again Cai Wu surrounds a village is one of village with the oldest Shenzhen, there are 630 old histories in Luo Hu. Reforming and opening comes 40 years, cai Wu surrounds village and Shenzhen special economic zone, grow in all with Luo Hu, produced the change of time brings a great change to the worlds. Come 40 years, cai Wu surrounds a person from ” wash the cropland on the foot ” to ” brainwashing goes into town ” , ended for generations ” day of day of back of look out loess ” farming agrarian history, blended in modern metropolitan;40 year, cai Wu surrounded collective economy to come true to span type develops, every life of every villager is like sesame seed to blossom successively tall, make the one side stand of special zone urbanization of villages. According to statistic, allocation of the gross income that 2018 Cai house surrounds joint-stock company, profit, average per capita, paying tax was 1978 respectively Cai Wu surrounds a village 692 times, 616 times, 659 times, 1299 times. Of new China with age person, left off his post 2018 Cai Wu surrounds an area to combine Party committee secretary, Cai Wu to surround president of secretary of village Party branch, joint-stock company, it is the Cai Hongliang of party representative of delegate of city National People’s Congress, borough now, city builds 40 years in Shenzhen, 3 when Cai Wu summed up to surround 40 years to come during Luo Hu builds a division 40 years primary experience: It is the leader that must hold to a party, hold to reforming and opening not to shake. The practice that Cai Wu surrounds reforming and opening 40 years proves, the political core that holds to Party branch leads a position, insist to produce vanward type effect of the Party member, it is Cai Wu assure what surround each career flourishing, healthy progress at all. 2 be must develop adamantinely expand collective economy, serve for the shareholder heart and soul. Come 40 years, cai Wu surrounds Party branch and village joint-stock company is the first important or urgent business with developing, ” expand collective economy, seek an increase for partner heart and soul ” as primary purpose, collective economy in successive years expands, partner share out bonus and welfare standard rise ceaselessly. 3 it is to hold to collective and rich road, a difficult family does not let drop out on happy road. Everybody just is good really very, the happy index that Cai Wu surrounds a person is built on collective and rich base. Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company president Cai Jianguang is arousing express on congress, collect lake area appoint district government puts forward ” give somebody a new lease on life a new Luo Hu ” conception, surround Cai Wu the city to plan as a whole newlier fixed position is an area area of core of trade of Luo Hu finance, plan to be updated through the city, house of Cai of intensive development construction surrounds culture of commerce of financial core, high end, society ” concentrated development division ” , make rival the city of ground mark sex with top-ranking international to build group, arouse collect lake new vitality, accord with the prime increase of broad villager owner completely. To cooperate an area appoint, district government plans as a whole newlier to city of Cai Wu encircle a city the fixed position of an area, cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company board of directors to draw lessons from Cai Wu to surround construction of financial center area to drive the successful experience that often surrounds whole to transform, according to ” governmental dominant, market is run, with all possible means win-win ” basic principle, put forward ” overall planning, cent pace is carried out, maturity develops together ” working train of thought. Depend on lawfully compasses is right Cai Wu is surrounded new 7, 8, 9, 10 lane, south village, south the village carries out a city to update with Qing Qingxin village on the west. On May 11, 2012, cai Wu surrounded joint-stock company board of directors to establish Cai Wu to surround a city to transform working party newlier, nowadays, already from at the outset 59 people are patulous to 88 people. All the time since, the board of directors cooperates an area actively appoint company of estate of newer bureau, Beijing radical depends on district government, area city lawfully compasses begin apiration to collect, plan project approving is declared, remove compensation finds a place for the condition negotiates, measure of building area mapping, owner counterpoises truly, special program newspaper is approved, come nearly 7 years, all previous classics hundreds size conference. On July 3, 2018, held Cai Wu successfully to surround a city to update collective property autograph to arrange a ceremony, exceed 99% partner to agree with Cai Wu to surround collective property to remove compensation finds a place for agreement. By 2018, city of Cai house encircle a city plans as a whole newlier an area ” the society stabilizes a risk to evaluate a report ” , special program passed expert evaluation and city of Luo Hu area smoothly to update leader group, city to establish link appoint examine and approve. Cai Jianguang says, we greeted Cai Wu to surround what village city updates private property to tear open change to arouse today. This one progress cannot leave the care of ranking Party committee, government, support and help, cooperate actively from what do not drive broad owner, shareholder, do not leave above to give the support of brethren, abroad from emeritus cadre, Hong Kong countrymen residing abroad, cannot leave Beijing radical group and capital base of estate company give full cooperation, the plod of the member that from the Cai Wu that does not leave 7 years to insist to fight bravely in a gleam of city of encircle a city updates a working group to become and company cadre employee. The near future, the Party Central Committee, the State Council released area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to develop program outline, for Luo Hu old the city zone revitalized development to bring historical opportunity, also make Cai Wu is surrounded new round of city entered drive newlier. We want firmly to hold this once in a blue moon good luck, carry on Cai Wu to surround a person ” knowledge cardinal principle, consider overall situation ” good convention, quicken transformed pace, those who write new era is new brilliant. The manner that Cai Jianguang hopes broad owner is in charge of with offspring of responsible to oneself, responsible to the history, two pairs grandson, participate in Cai Wu to surround with real operation plan as a whole of an area in be being transformed newlier, come, strive the project tears open change at an early date, begin construction at an early date, build at an early date, give benefit early. He appeals all owner unites a thought, grab seize opportunity, sober understanding city renews make concerted effort of pressing sex; , before developing, go, build beautiful and happy Cai Wu to surround jointly.   Capital base produces the city of creation to update“Cai Wu surrounds mode ” greet upgrade edition   on July 3, 2018, the autograph tearing open change of the village collective property that many 400 Cai Wu surrounds villager of elders of a country or district to witness Cai Wu to surround real estate of joint-stock company and Beijing radical to undertake jointly is made an appointment with. This action indicates house surrounds a Cai plan as a whole an one pace that area city steps a materiality newlier, also be Beijing radical group and Cai Wu surround joint-stock company again hand in hand, deepen a city to update ” Cai Wu surrounds mode ” good and germinant. Beijing radical real estate comes to Beijing of pair of Shenzhen ground mark for years base the successful development of 100 cities synthesis and operation, confirm the city of 5 win-win is updated ” Cai Wu surrounds mode ” withstand examine, established capital base to produce the standing of soldiers of the person at the head of a procession that replaces a field in Shenzhen city. Of a model that replaces as Shenzhen city make, 100 cities synthesis got Beijing radical the extensive self-identity that Shenzhen leaders of all levels, Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company, Cai Wu to surround the villager and social all circles and recognition. The character to this project, design and capital base produce social all circles to replace the innovation of the domain and contribution in the city, offerred sufficient affirmation. Be being summed up and draw lessons from Beijing radical on the successful experience foundation of 100 cities synthesis, beijing radical real estate and district government reach his to update branch, Gui Yuan street do, Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company and villager, ceaseless development is discussed, city of encircle a city of house of bold exploration Cai plans as a whole newlier the transforming of an area is new mode, the extensive self-identity that gets each and support energetically. According to introducing, in Luo Hu the area strides the new period that promotes development in the round, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole a division is newer transform hold to ” 2 development is culminating development ” concept, it is the example project that public of first whole process of whole town participates in, take the lead in setting an example ” governmental dominant, market is run, the expert presents as leading role, the public is participated in, science is decision-making ” update program new pattern. Study in last a period of time the process is medium more 7 years, condensed the consensus of committee member of expert of committee of program of He Jingtang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Meng Jianmin and Chen Shimin of design Great Master, city, consult the opinion of the industrial expert such as finance, commerce, culture, assemble thousands of citizen and the written opinion that the netizen represents. What Cai Wu surrounds is new round of city is newer, will build a world-class, the international that drives for consumption of core, culture with finance is contemporary center of service line of business. On financial direction, rely on finance, trade to expand a base, build finance and market platform for innovation industry, become the way of culture of delegate area; that has radiant emitance and the Shenzhen new economy that drive force more to go up, seek the best union site of historical inside information and internationalization, develop ” culture + ” burgeoning industry condition, form be in harmony to collect originality design, special zone contemporary culture and art, city is recreational culture at an organic whole, on the direction of the people’s livelihood of; of culture innovation center that faces the whole world, with more high quality culture service, more beautiful city environment, more comfortable living condition, more high grade city public service level, more satisfactory obtain employment environment, those who become a citizen to live and work in peace and contentment is compound model city district. Chen Hua expresses, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole a Chongzhongzhi that area project is Beijing radical real estate is heavy. Piece area situation is advantageous, atmosphere of industry, commerce is grumous, was destined the rough every here. Just met new China holds water 70 years 2019, shenzhen builds city, Luo Hu to build a division 40 years, beijing radical group will hold an opportunity actively, surround the relevant parties such as joint-stock company to give full cooperation with Cai Wu, strive for project of the implementation inside year to begin construction, ensure sign agreement owner to be able to answer change at an early date first. What reach broad owner to realize government, joint-stock company again is various win-win, beijing radical acceptance will center resource to advance Cai Wu to surround with all one’s strength plan as a whole an area project. He says, had governmental support, had the base of the program, had Beijing radical and Cai Wu to surround the joint efforts with joint-stock company and old owner, the collaboration after 10 years also is annals is in must. The first ten days of a month will start Cai Wu formally to surround this year in May illicit curtilage the autograph tearing open change of property is made an appointment with, those who let us advance Cai Wu to surround hand in hand again luxuriant decay. Ceng Dehuai mentions Cai Wu to surround in the speech plan as a whole the city replaces a division is this year city, area priority discipline, also be an area appoint district government puts forward ” give somebody a new lease on life a new Luo Hu ” the main component of conception. He puts forward to hoped at 2 o’clock, it is to raise a station, service overall situation. Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole an area city is newer the project is an area appoint district government the key this year works, cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company to want to maintain height to agree with district government, condense force, play is good be the first action. 2 it is to cooperate with all one’s strength, finish at an early date. Hope Cai house surrounds broad owner to cooperate an autograph to make an appointment with negotiation, Qing Dynasty to hire with all one’s strength tear open the job such as change. Beijing radical real estate grasps in lieutenant general of whole project executive process hold fair, just, open, lawfully, according to the principle of compasses, whole thrust is surrounded into Cai Wu plan as a whole the city updates an area to be carried out smoothly.

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