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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Method is done not have to walk after sound is 4 the Yibula that comes from assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting years old. Come one many year, parents is taking hospital of his flounder much home to demand medical service, but because the illness is complex, although the operation also faces huge risk. Group of director of surgery of bone of collect lake hospital Professor Du Shixin went to assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting this year in March the most remote region is followed visit rachis deformation patient, to Yibula phonic family brought a hope. The spinal cord that the operation removed smoothly to oppress, for male child rebuilt rachis structure. Recently, teach by Du Shixin advocate knife, group of this courtyard rachis was applied successfully for Yibulayinshi ” bosom of 2- of bosom of a way of escape art of orthopaedic of 6 cut bone ” . The art of cut bone orthopaedic of this tall difficulty, break down the help for a long time in the bed, Yibula that cannot walk news is further improve life quality, also conduce to the exasperate rate that lowers his rachis deformation, help him restore the spinal cord nerve of damage stage by stage. The love that rachis orthopaedic operation concerns hospital of branch, collect lake in area of Shenzhen city collect lake supports tall difficulty below, family is taking Yibula sound came to Luo Hu hospital from assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting. Pull neck bosom of sound according to cloth the protruding after Duan Chengjiao shape, spine dash forward apophysis shows hump pattern; Activity of tension of strength of muscle of double lower limbs, flesh, feeling, reflex disappears completely, lower limbs sweeny is apparent, touch gently, cause serious quiver. Video learn to show: The salient after boundary of his neck, thoracic vertebra spends 63 ° , spinal cord is pressed into a filament. Because break down for a long time, his lung also appeared to affect. Through Luo Hu the hospital undertakes much discipline consultation is reached after discussing adequately, du Shixin teachs a group to think, pull art of phonic classics handle to have the hope that nerve renews according to cloth. The bosom as a result of him 2, bosom 3, bosom 4, bosom 5, bosom 6 in all 5 centrum are eroded almost completely to danger by abscess, cause tremendous hind protruding is oppressive spinal cord, bring about break down, old blood vessel draws near all round numerous, operation risk is great. To make sure the operation is successful, before art, cure protects surgery of collect lake hospital personnel is put in the light of operation posture (head of children M Ayfield is worn) undertook drilling several times. Recently, teach by Du Shixin advocate knife, group of rachis of collect lake hospital applied for him ” bosom of 2- of bosom of a way of escape the art of cut bone orthopaedic of 6 ” , the spinal cord that the operation removed smoothly to oppress, rebuilt for him rachis structure. Volunteer of rare blood type helps each other donate blood during hospitalization of Luo Hu hospital, yibula produced many touching stories beside sound. Depending on cloth to help phonic blood group is negative of infrequent O R H, call again ” panda blood ” . According to data statistic, our country has 2.8 million person probably is ” panda blood ” . After understanding a situation, to assure to blood is used during the operation enough, volunteers of rare blood type are Shenzhen to be pulled according to cloth sound undertook coadjutant donating blood, freewill alms enough, precious panda blood. After IC U turning after art, because exalted paraplegia sends breathing flesh to break down, phlegmy block up in Yibula in phonic lung, bring about its left lung completeness not piece. Pull to let depend on cloth sound is fast rehabilitation, division of paediatrics, breath and IC U group made collect lake hospital dog carefully remedial program. Yibula sound be ” chickabiddy ” , he does not cry to be troubled by. Cure protects personnel to think method to help him enlarge vivid momentum, vital capacity. To amuse him happy, cure protects personnel to bring a lot of toys initiatively to be put in his small bedside from the home, downloaded a lot of cartoon technically still to look to him. Li Xuedong of doctor of chairman of surgery of bone of collect lake hospital tells a reporter, rachis n/med tuberculosis is the secondary affection, the primary affection is tuberculosis, enteron n/med tuberculosis or scrofulous etc, way of classics blood circulation causes bone and articulatory n/med tuberculosis, inchoate diagnose, inchoate cure, putting an end to infection cause is to prevent rachis union to bring about the key that break down. Yibula sound first-rate had been missed to treat an opportunity when see a doctor, also increased the difficulty of the operation. If inchoate can undertake n/med tuberculosis is treated in time fighting, he may in advance prevents the situation of occurrence paraplegia. Worth while and glad is, this operation is changed to help sound track according to cloth, he also open new student. Current, he what lie on sickbed himself can have played a toy, watch mobile phone animation, his double lower limbs also had apparent reaction to ache, the doctor touchs the leg that touchs him gently, he makes avoided gesture strongly. Li Xuedong introduces, after the hospital made careful art, follow seek a plan, yibula sound leave hospital after returning assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting, the hospital also will dog closely his rehabilitation circumstance.

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