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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Thanksed to of tax bureau remind and help, let us did not miss this value added tax to add plan touch reduce policy extra dividend. ” Shenzhen city constant base the financial chief say of property management limited company. After value added tax was reformed this year in April, as the Shenzhen city of service enterprise constant radical property runs limited company originally should duty is lost drop, and the tax negative rate of the enterprise appeared however of certain level rise. Fill buckled this to add plan deduct money ” we the sale April is 2, 913, 782.86 yuan, should ratal 110, 819.51 yuan, tax negative rate is 3.8% , taller than wanting on average last year 0.56% . ” controller of finance affairs of constant radical property expresses to the reporter, because as it happens had two quarters in April,the project that collect fees arrived gathering period, bring about annul increase, the company thinks duty is lost increasing is normal wave motion, till duty tubal personnel makes a telephone call. According to revenue of collect lake division staff member introduction of place of Wu of the 2nd duty, in value added tax reform declares end hind first months, she discovers place administer the duty of constant radical property is lost increased instead. “This enterprise belongs to service enterprise, enjoy value added tax to add plan touch decrease policy, say duty is lost normally should drop. My immediately inquiry did not undertake adding to this enterprise plan touch decrease, this is to bring about duty to lose addition account probably, contacted a company instantly so. ” she expresses, according to checking, this company can enjoy value added tax actually to add in April 2019 plan touch decrease the amount of tax to be paid 11081.95 yuan, but because the enterprise does not understand new policy very, did not undertake touching decreasing. “We think to left in March formerly only the ticket cannot be added with the value added tax in April plan touch decrease, was not operated so, nearly missed this to reduce duty extra dividend. ” Liang Wei is strong express, “The administrator small king that did not think of us is even more anxious than us, made a telephone call a lot of times, it is inquiry circumstance, it is explanatory policy, make us very warm heart. ” fall in the help of tax bureau administrator, constant radical property filled in May buckled this to add plan deduct money. According to statistic, in May this business value added tax should duty sale is 1, 240, 511.55 yuan, should ratal has 18 only, 296.15 yuan, tax negative rate falls came 1.4% . These two months after value added tax is reformed, month all tax negative rate falls came 3.04% , dropped than last year 0.2% , the month after realizing value added tax to reform all the fall that duty loses. “Duty is lost decreased, the enterprise will use the fund below the province at oneself develops and serving promotion to go up. The company will be on the foundation of excellent communal and basic service, use a person to offer hotel type, human nature to change for broad owner and property further, change subtly wait for taller additional service, exalt the happy feeling of owner. ” chief of finance affairs of constant radical property says. As we have learned, our country was carried out 2019 more large-scale decrease duty to fall cost. This year January, standing conference announces the State Council a batch of Pu Hui sexes that are aimed at small small company decrease tax measure. On April 1, tax rate of value added tax is reduced open act. A series of decreasing duty falls Feicuoshi comes on stage thick and fast, the advisory quantity of hall doing tax also as increase. For this, revenue of collect lake division extends as a whole ” decrease duty to fall cost ” propagandist data, seasonable will new politics propagandist data provides to do duty a gleam of, arouse each staff member conduct propaganda of office of service doing tax decrease duty to fall cost policy, solve experience tax difficult problem for taxpayer. In addition, revenue of collect lake division still began much field to decrease duty to fall study of cost policy interior grooms meeting, promote the service of staff member doing tax the standard. According to statistic, collect lake area does duty to served hall to begin 17 interior study to groom in all meeting; Hot line of service of 12366 pay taxes began 16 interior study to groom in all meeting, 1700 person-time attend accumulative total.

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