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Dispatch of Shenzhen of · of end of client seeing Zhen recently, the reporter learns from bureau of saline area judicatory, l深圳伴游经纪aw, code sets related the basis and i龙华桃园水疗会所n the center of, province, city about strengthening new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse working requirement, accuse measure to fulfil joint defence couplet in the round, utm丹竹头地铁站a出口小姐深圳qm学生ost深圳洗浴会所668宝安区 reduces personnel flow to gather, p深圳深圳罗湖环保场体验熟女QMrotect people life security, this day rises, bureau of saline area judicatory rolls out epidemic situation to prevent dominate period civilian detailed list (the second edition) . Specific civilian measure is as follows: One, specific epidemic situation is prevented accuse period administration to reconsider application deadline citizen, legal person other perhaps organization thinks specific administration action encroachs his of legitimate rights and interests, since the day that can know this specific administration action oneself administr深圳qm论坛悦来ation puts forward to reconsider application inside 60 days, the application time limit that law sets exceeds except of 60 days. If administration reconsiders the maturity of application to be legal holiday or of playday, criterion automatic postpone reachs maturity workaday the 1st day. If because new coronal is pneumonic,applicant and its agent are in during cure深圳罗湖环保js交流群 , segregation, or be in personally suffer epidemic situation influence to close the reason such as the area that stops traffic to delay application deadline, make good omissions of deadline, applicable ” admi深圳金海滩海水浴场nistration of People’s Republic of China reconsiders a law ” the 9th the 2nd ” because of force majeure other perhaps warrant delays legal application deadline, application deadline continues to calculate since the day that the obstacle eliminates ” regulation. 2, break down cognizance suffers epidemic situation to affect cannot the case epidemic situation of o罗湖明珠会所268报告n the rails is prevented during accusing, administration reconsiders case in principle to be given priority to with written cognizan深圳会所论坛ce, listen to opinion, on-the-spot attune to check the means such as solid, hearing of witnesses to try face to face to be necessary to pass truly, suffer epidemic situation to affect again cannot the case of on the rails, lawfully cognizance of break down case. 3, widen common law service center pro深圳会所环保指数668vides area of saline of channel of common law service common law serves on the line, the dweller can be passed ” on Guangdong palm 12348 ” date of small letter public or ” Guangdong law serves a net ” (Https:// ) get common law service. To urgent matter earnestly needs the spot to deal with, can be in workaday in the morning 9:00, 12:00 when, afternoon 14:00, 18:00 when di按摩环保是什么项目al saline area common law serves a hot line 25350148 or 18211550326 undertake making an appointment, carry integrated data to be dealt with to spot of common law service center, follow along with do, do to go namely namely. 4, area of saline of the service on net of enlightened people mediation sex of organization of each street people mediation, industry is professional room of mediation of people of police station of people mediation organization, each public security can organize bilateral party to pass small letter, QQ to wait for software speech to communicate the form is begun, intercessory agreement agrees to be able to pass service of electronic file form via bilateral party. 5, enlightened notarization serves ” green passageway ” saline notarization handles urgent to the part notarial matter, accept through mailing means accepts relevant data, accord with those who accept a condition, collect exami深圳松岗沐足技师招聘直接电话ne and verify first relevant data, the party after waiting for epidemic situation to alleviate fills to the spot notarial deed is issued instantly when doing procedure. The partial card that appears patient and segregation personnel to apply to diagnose patient, doubt takes kind of notarial matter, can apply for for you by agent. Protect personnel to execute notarization to collect fees to cure derate, whole town doctor and nurse prevent what notarization deals with during accusing in epidemic situation, can expend by doctor qualification card and derate of nurse qualification card with. Cause in the light of epidemic situation

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