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In report occupied new network on March 8, 2020 Gansu Province Wei Jian appoint website message, on March 7 20 when to on March 8 20 when, 深圳民治水疗会所全套on March 4, 5深圳北站水疗 days two batches arriv2019年深圳龙华推油e by Iran by commercial charter flight 309 people add Lanzhou to turn technically on March 2 to Lanzhou 2 people add up to in 311 people, add 4 new coronals newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness, all keep apart cure in the provincial hospital that decide a dot. Gansu Province accumulative total inputs new coronal outsi深圳浮生论坛de report condition pneumonic diagnose case 深圳东方雅典特殊按摩of illness 33. Existing and heavy-duty case of illness 2. The perso深圳蒲神桑拿论坛vipn that at present the input outside the condition is contacted closely 278 people, among them 60 people stay 深圳罗湖桑拿水会论坛in seg深圳环保 668什么意思regation of the provincial hospital that decide a dot view, 218 people keep apart bit of segregation in concentration, detecting into travel medicine further examination. On March 7 20 when to on March 8 20 when, gansu Province this locality is not had add case newly. End on March 8 20 when, accumulative total o悦来香 番禺QMf Gansu Province this locality reports new coronal 深圳休闲会所体验论坛is pneumonic diagnose case of illness 91, accumulative total is cured leave hospital 87, case of illness of accumulative total death 2. Have 2 to undertake keeping a深圳西乡kb场大全part cure in the hospital that decide a dot, among them Lanzhou city 1, calm on the west city 1. Gansu Provi深圳按摩环保场nce this 深圳桑拿按摩体验深圳蒲宗论坛报告locality seems case undoubtedly at present. Current, the pe深圳爵士js水会有红牌rson that accumulative total of Gansu Province this locality traces intimate contact 4337 people, already removed medicine watchs 4270 people, 67 people are accepting the others medical observation.

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