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Shenzhen dispatch will tell party class with music on November 12, tell party history with art.会所环保是什么梗 On November 12 afte罗湖磨棒会所有哪些rnoon, blessing crop深圳蓝悦湾会所398land hall is full, by blessing cropland area the organization 深圳磨棒体验holds ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well — greet to the party with music深圳水疗酒店一体 ” begin lecturing of special subject party class. Procuratorate of court of leader of team of quadruplet of blessing cropland area, district, area and area belong to concerned branch chief present listen respectfully, through first one gules song review深圳水疗桑拿会所s the Chinese nation the strike is great revived brilliant course, compre深圳民治水疗会所全套hend Chinese Communist person the heart is mixed first mission. Special subject party class flies upwards by frequency of committee member of Party committee of center of broadcast of group of Shenzhen wide cable, music give a lecture of Liu Yang of secretary of 971 Party branch, chief inspector. Be in ” the Internationale ” , ” vernal story ” , ” my motherland ” in waiting to engraving the song that the times labels 13 times, liu Yang 深圳桑拿水疗娱乐资讯combines an eye to guide admire, historical explanation, film is broadcasted wait for a form, illum罗湖海豚湾桑拿198inate of ground of explain the profound things in a simple way the effect that music develops the play in course in Chinese revolution and construction and the brilliant history that the party leads people revolution, construction, reform. When ” March of the Volunteers ” clang rhythm rings, cadre of spot ensemble Par深圳太平洋水疗会所项目ty member stands up; of the Gao Ge that put reputation ” I and my motherland, momently impartibl深圳qm体验区e also… ” when last song when party class rings, all Party member cadre stands up, brandish begins medium ensign, sing noisy jointly ” I and my motherland ” . Musical party class of 90 minutes, let what many P深圳松岗沐足开放吗arty member cadres feel th深圳罗湖环保局e heart touch深圳洗浴会所668宝安区 the ablution with the soul. The Party member that many ginseng meet tells a reporter, form of this kind of t深圳松岗沐足按摩松裕路hematic party class that is carrier with music novel, appeal is strong, enhanced party spirit consciousness not only, experienced the mission on him shoulder deeplier.