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Shenz深圳特色上门hen dispatch in recent years, luo Hu is driven actively ” leisurely · library ” in area under administration each community blossom everywh罗湖新悦会所贴吧ere, greeted new house to uncover the good news of the card again recently. On Nove深圳龙华休闲会所全套mber 27 afternoon, “Leisurely · library (community of clear water river) ” uncover a card to open house cer罗湖新悦水会600emony to rinse in Luo Hu area river all the way 116 Shenzhen enter yuan of edifice B hold first layers. Zhuang Rui of deputy warden of collect lake area attends mobile spot rather, suffer invite people of staff of honored guest, company, community to happily gather under the same roof, share a book sweet. One Duan Han takes dancing to cooperate ancient prose recital, let participator mov桃花源休闲会所 评论e back 深圳平安国际水会 红牌and forth in wonderful and rising and falling music China fluctuates 5000, be enmeshed in classical poetry book and elegant orchestic artistic conception. . . . . . Uncover card ceremonially, one does not provide those who lay a range Chinese the heavy curtain that took a performance to pull open an activity. On the sanded picture show that has originality extremely, from first ” leisurely · library ” hold water begin, depict stage by stage ” leisurely · library ” development course, show ” leisurely · library ” characteristic set深圳夜蒲之家桑拿洗浴ting, the 9 cent house with the shop sign is about to uncover inside this month is terminal finally, bring yield results in work to change a subject, show originality. Shenzhen wide report is presiding advocate sow hold this second activity compere concurrently stimulative meeting recites culture of China of Wu Qingjie partner the wonderful reading of Chen Zhiping of deputy secretary-general of ministry of job of professi深圳按摩指数对照表onal committee Shenzhen with Shi Shu affection, built enthusiastic atmosphere to uncover龙岗桃花源休闲会所188 card ceremony. After the ceremony, developed activity of series of characteristic of leisurely · library — leisurely reviews the life: Hall of bake elementary school, share wonderfu深圳福田哪里有桑拿会所l time with community dweller. Leisurely · library is library of collect lake area draws lessons from abroad ” the library serves as the 3rd space ” concept and those who make is brand-new community library serves a brand, gather together books is read, a variety of culture functions such as intellectual transmission, culture communication, devote oneself to to make offer party, salon and gregarious opportunity ” culture synthesis ” . Its from 2012 since initiate, those who get community resident is extensive approbate, bred appearance of good appearance of zoology of basic level culture, ceng Rong obtains what award by national culture ministry ” library of the most beautiful basic level ” title and Chinese library science can award ” book sweet community ” title. The book is sweet send far, classics ” 9 ” do not cease. When People’s Republic of China 深圳欧式环保按摩体验holds water 70 years, to satisfy the culture demand 深圳福田kb论坛that wide readership increases increas龙岗哪些会所可以搞ingly, prom深圳会所微信看图ote collect lake area efficiency of common culture service, at the same time union founds need of work of countrywide civilized town, promote civilized town and civilized citizen to grow jointly, library of collect lake area with ” for civilian, 深圳皇室国际会所可以搞吗benefit civilian, civilian ” for the target, leisurely · library (reservoir community / lotus community / silver-colored lake community / Jin Hu community / boreal station community / lotus pond community / community of Chinese parasol hill / pan hill community / community of clear water river) 9 cent house read 2019 open in succession during the month. This action perfects Luo Hu " ten minutes further culture service encircles " , culture of basic level of promotion collect lake serves ability, depict map of collect lake culture, promote development of innovation of career of collect lake culture, for Shenzhen go ahead of the rest of socialism of construction China characteristic sets an example bridgehead of area of big bay of area and HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province is contributed ” Luo Hu force ” .

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