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Shenzhen dispatch on November 27, opening ceremony of section of the 16th sports holds elementary school of overseas Chinese city. Attend a leader honored guest of opening ceremony to have: Na Shansha river is street the party is versed in appoint Fan Haipeng of assistant director of police station of commissarial Qiu Qingshuang, Na Shansha river, south a mountainous area teach director of division courtyard office Zhao Xiaoping, south a mountainous area teach division courtyard heart. President Wang Zhihui makes a speech and a深圳蓝悦湾会所398nnounce elementary school o深圳升逸酒店水疗技师f overseas Chinese city section of sports of the 16th school kicks off. In the athlete march that heats magnificently, student of 110 the school example phalanx that team of school ensign team, international zoology green division, officer division team,深圳zj资源一览表 parent justice labour comprises, colored flag phalanx,深圳按摩娱乐会所 minority comprises ” love my China ” phalanx of delegate of phalanx, teacher and entire school team of 47 minority phalanx is ordinal enter. Elementary school of overseas Chinese city was built 1980, it is the school of green division of zoology of the first international of domestic be awardinged. The school takes the managerial concept of zoology education, devote oneself to to make the life that stimulate raise ” vigor live abroad is small ” , of to the United States travel ” happy live abroad is small ” He Yong carries a mission ” wisdom live abroad is small ” . Opening ceremony with ” ceremony assist republic runs new era ” for the theme, every class represents a nation, each through trying to be unique, the catchword of loud and clear of incentive popular feeling and performance, reveal the athletic elegant demeanour of this nation and exalted fight, showed teac罗湖新悦水会600hers and students adequately flourishingly spark and green vigor. The nation that has a color alone is gorgeous and the full-dress in full bloom that be like a flower, colorful, the literary show that has distinguishing feature each is wonderful confused is shown, fascinating. 深圳升逸酒店水疗招聘Short of 30 seconds hal深圳鑫旺达沐足松岗店t stop a show, join together becomes the minority culture picture scroll with a many colorful appe深圳最豪华的水疗会所arance. Many深圳福田推油会所 2000 student and happy get-together of many 200 parent together, applause again and again, cheer ceaseless, atmosphere of opening ceremony spot is enthusiastic. On the opening ceremony, wisdom president makes a speech, she is full of passionate ground say: “Sports is best character education, aesthetic education is ritzy moral education, body and mind is strong and handsome, the environment is beautiful, relation and beauty, flow is elegant, it is the essential place of spiri深圳福田桑拿邪骨按摩t of Yo of conductor of advocate of a school, let regulation bring freedom, let self-discipline bring comfortable, let struggle and run the new normal state that becomes life, it is live abroad Lilliputian the深圳罗湖环保js交流群 new spirit that should deliver in this second sports section. Today, we rise sports section and republican connection, with new era the link rises, xiaoshi gives birth to 2100 live abroad that the station is here, it is the founder with prospective small live abroad, it is the author of prospective Shenzhen, the inheritance that is prospective nation person, it is the buil深圳富源休闲会所微信der of prospective motherland, it is the guard person of China civilization. ” she is mentioned, live abroad is small having advantaged manpower resource, we are having the child of 110 minority, involve 18 minority, to give these children an exclusive opening ceremony, also be young student of all live abroad at the same time the educational chance of a confluence that cross a boundary, further development understands the sport深圳 桑拿 论坛 蒲神 bbss culture with multicolored motherland, build each beauty its beauty, beautiful beauty and in all culture atmosphere, we were used deduce ethos, show the opening pattern of ethical amorous feelings, let every nation be on the runway of new era do all one can is forward, add is written wonderful. Because this stands in each life before 深圳公明水疗会所全套us, cannot invisible; Each represents nat深圳伴游模特招聘ion, be worth to eulogize. Finally, wisdom president thanks present honored guest and parent particularly, thank a teacher