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” the egret of small cool cap returns ” Shenzhen of · of end of client seeing Zhen dispatch is late on November 29 on December 2, film festival of China of the 14th Canada is in great theater of Play Hous深圳明月论坛 qme of downtown of Wen Ge China to hold. On current深圳高端模特联系方式 film festival, group of overseas Chinese city makes ” the egret of small cool cap returns ” behead obtains optimal children piece award. Canadian China film festival is the Chinese film festival that the earliest overseas runs, it is the mainest platform of North America of Chinese film trend, have extensive international force. It is a series of home such as film festival of China of award of afterwards Venice film, jade mon深圳洗浴中心招聘服务员key award, golden bamboo award, Canada this after international large award, another heavyweight award that behead of small cool cap wins, the mark is worn its already ascended move free IP as what have international force. As we have learned, ” the egret of small cool cap retur深圳伴游经纪ns ” in all 26 collect, it is cartoon of series of small cool cap the first season. Animation by celebrated director He Mingquan hold guide, the story adapts the fairy tale novel that from well-known writer moustache Mei Lin writes ” volant is small cool cap ” , a Liang and A younger sister save the little sister that the story told罗湖明珠和新悦哪个好 about the life to be pressed down in bamboo of the Hakkas bare get hurt egret, brave fights poach black business, obtain cool cap blackart accidentally, become the person that silvan c深圳罗湖kb环保669体验报告reature is guarded. The humanitarian setting, magical forest austral rich mountain range, sweet home, beautiful small town and happy puppy are companionate, deduced the childhood years that joy of small cool cap grows. This are about to be in inspect CCTV, Jin Ying, Jia Jia, greatly, Tecent, love is strange art, the period of time o深圳市私人伴游f mainstream channel gold such as actor cruel broadcasts. Before this, writing of film of 深圳少妇上门按摩推油12 minutes of VR obtains small cool cap unit of Asia-Pacific of Venetian film award is optimal 2017 be enmeshed film and optim深圳夜蒲之家桑拿洗浴al future film two Xiang Jinshi award. Film broadcasts field in Gule of the V below banner of overseas Chinese city hind, accumulative total is recieved exceed 1 million person-time, booking office of shadow of experience type view and derive income to exceed 100 million yuan, become China most one of VR films 深圳外围女经纪人微信of draw large audiences. ” volant is small cool cap ” books and broadcast drama will be published in June from this year since broadcasting, fly upwa深圳洗浴按摩在哪里rds in Shenzhen 971, the platform such as happy Ma Laya always broad深圳九龙湾会所casts a quantity to already was broken through 20 million times, make one of theatrical work of broadcast of the most popular children. It is reported, small cool cap regards global article brigade as the super IP that the pound weighs to make below division of group of city of 4 strong overseas Chinese, since was born 2016, formed draw quickly this, a variety of work of art such as animation of film of drama of novel, broadcast, VR, TV, get the mainstream media such as interview of CCTV news broadcast, focus for many times deepness report, the near future is recommended by Guangdong province for the country subject matter of key of wide report total bureau produces an item. Carry off the IP of small cool cap of large award is rising abruptly quickly again and again, show its internati深圳环保休闲会所onal influence, make one of delegate work that tell good China story. Wife and children of guest of Shenzhen pleasant hole pres深圳水疗酒店一体ses down Proterozoic of creation of story of small cool cap, also from the name not of classics shabby old village, become Shenzhen o深圳水会推荐ne of block of 10 old culture, accumulative total recieves a tourist to already broke through 6 million person-time, make bid of Shenzhen culture new ground. Wengehua is North America one of centers of 3 big film industry, person Canada ” Hollywood ” , this film festival exhibits small cool cap sow get all walks of life reputably, expression of platform of video of much home North America issues intent, enter North America market to lay next good foundations for cartoon.

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