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Shenzhen dispatch is aided financially by collective benefit fund of Chinese blessing colour, area of Shenzhen city Baoan on the west service center of the street provide for the aged that o深圳宝安西乡休闲会所ccupy the home runs country ” lecture of health care of preserve one’s health ” old person of street class happiness plans project activity, in old age of community of yellow on October 22, 2019 afternoon cropland hall of mobile center 深圳学生外围女价格表first floor is begun smoothly,深圳水疗带服务的 this second activity invit深圳宝安会所e深圳公明包吹会所d expert of preserve one’s health of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of area of Shenzhen city Baoan to undertake be beginninged freely for dwellers ” lecture of health care of preserve one’s health ” activity. This the activity got the accord宝安休闲会所包吹 of numerous old people reputably, strong raised a dweller to know a traditional Chines深圳九龙湾会所e medical science, know a traditional Chinese medical science, experience tradit深圳 南山 kb场ional Chinese medica深圳水疗哪里有口的l science, yield a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” t广州红牌技师reat not ill ” other people of common people of press c深圳罗湖丝足休闲会所lose to of service of hea罗湖环保微信群lth care of preserve one’s health of healthy project,深圳爵士js水会有红牌 tradi深圳福田按摩会所全套tional Chinese medical science. The diversification that this second lecture activity aims to strengthen community health to teach the job is begun, the amateur of rich community old people lives, build the community environment that is helpful for health and community consciousness, stimulate the demand that community old people serves to sanitati深圳会所严打2018结束on, encourage community old person to take an active part in healthy education and health to promote an activity.