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Original title: Data, let a city more ” clever ” — Shenzhen accelerates city of digital government wisdom to build what serie深圳水会按摩指数s reports to live in village of conclude dream garden Ms. Zhang of 10 one’s remaining years, witnessed the thoroughly remould oneself of live abroad popular way. “The car puts car, person to put a person more more ” intelligent induction controls a system, the chromatic bicycle of independent setting, the harships that adds on footpath connects corridor… transforming finished live abroad popular way this year in July is Shenzhen深圳福田区桑拿会所 first wisdom road, also be Shenzhen relies on big data, have a feelings, epitome that temperature ground serves a society. Basis ” city of Shenzhen city new-style wisdom builds overall program ” , to 2020, shenzhen should build one picture overall perception, one takes Shenzhen, one key the new-style wisdom city that innovation of moving linkage of knowable overall situation, an organic whole, one station does poineering work and one screen Zhi Xiangsheng lives, make citizen life more convenience, the city is better. From simple ” treat block up plan ” to careful ” the plan that administers a city ” , data, extend applied setting ceaselessly in urban government and construction process, data drive, bring a city to administer the good change of means. “Urban traffic cerebra ” traffic of the wisdom that help strength is built ” finger dot, roa深圳洗浴全套多少钱d condition knows. ” the Shenzhen person nowadays, say this word very know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry. Is the bottom angry from why and come? “At present the motor vehicle of Shenzhen retains although the quantity is not按邪骨有什么服务 the whole nation is most, but density is highest深圳宝安会所, probably every kilometer 510. ” bureau of pointsman of city public security bureau expresses about chief, as the ceaseless development of informatization method, rely on big data, shenzhen put forward ” wisdom traffic + alarm Wu ” change, form Shenzhen new calling card. Shenzhen is shared with data and information all the time for the foundation, compose is built be based on cloud calculative ” urban traffic cerebra ” , rely on intelligence to change a method the biggest change use traffic infrastructure resource, ceaseless reform innovates, make the urban liaison man with orderly and expedite safety. In August, bus of wisdom of first 5G of countrywide the team holds water in Shenzhen. In November, the wisdom that new open up stands to the international exhibition center from subway of end of 11 lines pond is public transportation special railway line. “Wisdom is public transportation with common and public transportation the most intuitionistic differ even if, can provide online service freely, do not drop a line. ” the first time the frequenter that experiences Ms. Wang with public transportation wisdom is 10 buses, “The most important is, it can be pushed automatically to me send circuit periphery tourist attraction message. ” ” wisdom is public transportation have crossing priority, public transportation system passes wisdom route of control of green wave of technical measure implementation, car cooperates with, improve the general efficiency of car effectively. ” chief expresses related management board of Baoan of city traffic carriage bureau. Through making intelligent traffic solution, shenzhen introduces the artificial intelligence algorithm that is based on traffic setting, the control that optimizes traffic signal lamp in real time is politic, when signal matchs by the past ” the car sees the light, the number that read a second is current ” to ” the lamp sees a car, discharged of the number that read a car ” change, counterbalance speed promotes 15% . The Shenzhen brand that compose of wisdom big data builds a society to administer is passed ” I Shenzhen ” the medical treatment of APP serves the entrance, registration makes an appointment on patient net, dispense with the trouble that goes to a hospital early to queue up greatly, the wisdom medical treatment that enjoys advantage easily serves. “Current, ‘ I Shenzhen ‘ APP rece西乡铁岗金丽休闲会所ives 3 armour hospitals of whole town and partial company health hospital, offer for the citizen convenient registration, see a doctor, medicines and chemical reagents submits an expense account the function such as inquiry of inquiry, food bar code. ” chief expresses related management board of data of service of Shenzhen city government administration, this a深圳休闲会所微信大全ction also provided efficien深圳金沙滩桑拿微信号t communication medium of communication for medical establishment and patient, advanced the examination between whole town hospital to examine to connect each other to admit with each other of video result interconnection, reduce a citizen to see a doctor flow of go to a doctor, reduce cost of go to a doctor. The times of interconnection of everythings on earth, how does big data make social processing has specific aim more? As most Internet city, shenzhen explores innovation actively in very much professional territory, made the Shenzhen brand that the society administers. Making field of wisdom housing project, how does construction reside a room to guarantee system of room annulus Hou, deal with on line of application annulus Hou, real time is open. Be worth what carry is, the building of countrywide initiate government of the line on 2018 rents platform, aid through policy privilege, information pushs implementation firm chummage publicly. Up to in September 2019, gross of source of r深圳福田休闲会所排名oom of platform put in storage already exceeded 228 thousand to cover () , accept is in charge of contract add up to to exceed 280 thousand. “The second on the line raises housing accumulation fund copy run a service, let accumulation fund deal with quicker and convenient. ” chief expresses related center of ci深圳外围预约号ty accumulation fund, at present ” I Shenzhen ” extraction of APP conduction accumulation fund and make an appointment extraction business, multinomial service all realizes many platform whole journey ” 0 run road ” , urge implementation ” live house having appropriate ” . Making wisdom teach engineering field, execute a network to handle application of enter a school, rely on data Id of automatic nucleus check, registered permanent residence wait for application data originally, check automatically confirm the pertinent information such as social security, housing, decrease to application material is referred and run back and forth move, execute online fair show, the system matchs, save resource, improve efficiency. Wisdom city construction lets a city have temperature more ” exist in the light蒲神 深圳桑拿 of each government sector ‘ information camp ‘ pain spot, get through civilian of the service ‘ last kilometer ‘ , shenzhen administers new task around society of city land with certain boundaries, unite address and administrative reseau through making confluence ‘ piece data ‘ , form the data motherboard that is carrier with d深圳福田区金帝豪休闲会所imensional geography. ” controller of management board of data of service of Shenzhen city government administration introduces. In January 2018, shenzhen city takes the lead in publishing the whole nation first ” social government element unites address standard ” local standard, those who build trends of whole town full requirements to update ” a many location ” unifi深圳洗浴会所南山区ed address library, covered 660 thousand buildings of whole town and house of many 1100 flatlet, let building house have ” Id ” , the information complete correlation that harnesses essential factor for the society offerred fundamental building carrier. Data shows, pass confluence ” piece data ” the population of intelligent motherboard and building information, since 2018, shenzhen city two grab, fly grab wait for a key alarm affection achieves the history new low, fly especially car loot alarm affection comes true first 0 happen, whole town public security alarm affection drops compared to the same period nearly 25% . Data blended in function branch r深圳松岗沐足按摩un in, in urban processing, quicken auxiliary and flow, decision-making, form digital government to build the two big grasper that optimize battalion business environment. Nowadays of the government sector decision-making in can accomplishing a heart with processing, have ” several ” , form ” talk with data, with data decision-making, manage with data, innovate with data ” thinking and concept, data of light correlation of light data of change heavy experience, heavy direct data, heavy onefold data is light the thinking such as much metadata is inertial with decision-making means. “Shenzhen wisdom city is built, core is a person, the target is to let a city have more temperature, 深圳龙岗区桑拿cleverer. ” chief expresses related management board of data of service of Shenzhen city government administration. (day of Li Yi of reporter of newspaper of Shenzhen special zone)

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