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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This is zoology of value of a Gao Yan green line, can look down at Shenzhen reser横滨洲际酒店voir is panoramic, can arboretum of lake of hill of overlook phoenix tree, celestial being, east lake park beautiful scenery, collect lake area ” city of half landscape half ” natural beauty, be reflected to get incisively and vividly. Can view and admire the pan mountain green line with Shenzhen panoramic reservoir. Pan hill looks down at it is thus clear that the red on the side is made the same score on the graph in green line sky fast. Children accuse ru杭州洲际酒店spabbish to collect unmanned vehicle in directive have drills of the staff member. Attend artificial intelligence to teach the children of commonweal activity. Stand aside of lively Cong Cuiyin post opens the citizen that is raising national flag the pedestrian force with full interest. By the green line that shade of a tree covers, it is the brigade good place that National Day enjoys nature. Citizen and intelligent elf undertake interesting and interactive. On portable hand plot, clean out be clear at a glance of window of 深圳福田樱桃水会characteristic of golden hill green line. This is a wisdom green line, it is the green line with top content of whole town science and technology. Wi-Fi is enclothed completely, artificial intelligence and big data are added hold, 8 t地球上没有水会怎样ourist attractions set AI interactive terminal, can examine weather forecast, density of can witting crowd, make sure with high-tech method the tourist is avoided suffer geological calamity harm. Pedestrian tired, intelligent speech elf can accompany you to chat, sin昇逸酒店水疗g for you and taletelling. Here, children can be held through process designing accuse rubbish to collect unmanned vehicle, rubbish to carry ash-bin of unmanned vehicle, intelligence to wait, in pleasurable experience the society protects an environment. This is a culture green line, green line is based on original pan mountain second line to patrol the road rebuilds, withheld along the line police box of 5 office sentry post, a paragraph of 192 meters second line closes purse net to serve as historical memory, collected former frontier defence the builds second line to close in those days history material of 7 detachment undertakes culture reveal in a金怡酒店-水疗沐足中心怎么样long the line. You can enjoy collect lake landscape at the same time, experience special zone history at the same time. Yes, the collect lake area that this just opens namely cleans out golden hi广州龙归永兴悦海洲水会qtll green line! On September 27, many 200 citizen is participated in and experienced pan mountain green line to open ceremony and pedestrian activity. Mobile spot, the honored guest is nature of pan mountain green line to teach artificial in广州桑拿沐足按摩体验点评telligence of adolescent of green line of center and pan mountain to teach a center to give a shop sign. Shenzhen city town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly area of guest of bureau director kingdom, collect lake appoint the leader such as clerical Luo Yode attended a ceremony. Pan mountain green line is located in ” Y深圳哪里有KBang Taishan – Chinese parasol hill – gallery of zoology of level ground the land of country ” , park of community of result emerald green lake, hill of classics cloth heart, second line patrols road, come eventually sanded bay road, full-length 7.07 kilometers (among them masterstroke grows 6.59 kilometers深圳哪里有酒店日结兼职, path of mountain-climbing of cloth heart hill grows 0.48 kilometers) , cent of along the line is lake of open interest of the your beautiful writing that reflect variety, mountain forest, hill to fold emerald green pull with green corridor get the better of 4 themes paragraph, share node of 13 place landscape and 3 stage. Green line with ” delicate ” , ” open interest ” for jumping-off place and footing, establishment of border land of part of reservation, promotion and current situation environment, became to combine design of city of environment of zoology of Chinese parasol hill, sponge, wisdom gallery of the outskirt tough modes of life and relation to their environment that green line construction and second line of along the road involve culture distinguishing feature green.

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