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Fabric receives vegetables of carry car fruit (hutch beyond) dumpcart sees Zhen client carries network of · Shenzhen Pu Dian on December 10, 2019 dispatch (Chen Jia of Zhong Hongbing of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen’s reporter) on December 10, city town is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau begin a theme to be ” where does rubbish go to ” propaganda of job of management of e深圳罗湖桑拿ntire chain of fine classification of life rubbish big billabong, constituent citizen receives carry, extreme to handle base to undertake visiting to rubbish classification. The activity takes kind of 10 areas linkage, hill gives priority to an assembly room south, whole city is other 9 areas also hold relevant activity in synchronism of area under administration. The activity aims to increase a citizen to be opposite ” where does rubbish go to ” acknowledge, the whole people that promotes rubbish classification furt深圳伴游怎么样her is participated in rate. Special carries exert oneself solves rubbish to classify only ” before mix aft深圳qm社区er cent ” problem reporter understands, be aimed at rubbish billabong classification, shenzhen municipal Party committee holds company of professional processing controlling use in the palm to execute special to carry only, classified processing, exert oneself is solved ” front cent, back end is mixed ” problem. Whole town shares 731 of all kinds classification to stop carry car, every day billabong classification reclaims amount to 3500 tons, reduce extreme rubbish effect深圳招私人伴游ively to burn, fill bury processing pressure. Be built to accelerate of all kinds rubbish to handle installation and transform, ceaseless promotion extreme handles ability. Whole town already built rubbis深圳金沙滩桑拿微信号h of hutch of 4 large e深圳东方园水疗会所怎么样at to handle 21 establishment, useless old furniture to tear open solution to handle 3 factory, useless old fabric to use processing now rubbish of 31 dot of processing of rubbish of vegetables of 17 factory, fruit, afforest smashs processing plant (, preliminary compose built rubbish to classify processing system, to front classification was formed strong prop up. The hill austral plastic sorting area builds first rubbish of whole town to classify environmental garden 2019, south a mountainous area build first rubbish of whole town to classify environmental garden, will year spend year of orange to return model of gold of establish, useless old furniture, Bo system of 6 big billabong brings into rubbish of rubbish of vegetables of paper, fruit, hutch beyond, useless old batteries and tube sorting unifinication handles base, the rubbish that makes unifinication of a type of first park of Shenzhen city, garden type classifies garden of environmental modes of life and relation to their environment. Arrange of this with one action, solved each billabong to handle the issue with extreme too difficult, dispersive optional location, be helpful for rubbish tracing to the source already, entire chain is superintended, also be helpful for be being recieved external look around and reveal, provide advanced experience to advance rubbish to classify the job. Rely on south garden of environment of classification of a mountainous area rubbish experiences position to publicize education, begin actively ” dandelion plans ” propaganda and education grooms activity, up to November, environmental garden welcomes of all kinds visiting team in all 112 4550 p深圳678国际水疗会所erson-time. It is reported, the processing capability to rubbish also is in environmental garden to promote ceaselessly. Current, treating capacity of day of paper of Bo gold model achieves 45 tons, treating capacity of day of hutch beyond rubbish will achieve 120 tons, to 2020, th深圳豪门夜总会的陪酒女e day of environmental garden all treating capacity will exceed 230 tons. 3580 houses of whole town advance floor to remove a bucket 2017, on June 3, shenzhen issued countrywide head share ” domesticity rubbish classification puts in how-to ” , advance classification to put in standardization. 2019, village of 3508 houses of whole town advances floor to remove a bucket energetically, the setting centers classification to put in a dot, begin time the superi深圳高端预约微信号ntend and director that decide a dot guides, enclothe at present rate amou桃花源休闲会所岗头nt to 79 % . According to introducing, south a mountainous area and m深圳桑拿水疗spa服务流程utual 600 property villag深圳罗湖kb场e begins rubbish to classify the job, whole area will be in the middle ten days of a month finished all floor to remove pail of job in December, work up ” concentration puts in + to time the superintend and director that decide a dot guides ” mode, classification of rubbish of the village in the city is pilot found the job to also spreading out smoothly. According to statistic, 1 to in November, south a mountainous area generation is other life rubbish is handled (burn) quantity 641909. 73 tons, through 9 minutes of big fluids the department realizes rubbish classification to reduce an amount 149354. 69 tons, aggregate 791264. 42 tons, classified rubbish decreases a quantity to occupy than amounting to 18. 87 % . Liao Qimei of vice secretary of center of general affairs of government of classification of rubbish of Shenzhen town life is affirmatory: Responsible to the child, responsible to the environment, responsible to the classified behavior of all citizen work laboriously, cogent accomplish ” classification puts in, classification is collected, classification is carried, classification is handled ” , committee member of delegate 深圳龙华桑拿会所of greeting citizen friend, media friend, National Peo足浴洗飞机详细过程ple’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is right this job undertakes supervisory. Liao Qimei expresses, life rubbish classification is it is difficult to know easy travel ” bagatelle ” , of prolonged ” senio深圳桑拿洗浴酒店r issue ” , annulus annulus photograph buckles ” tickler ” , accomplish in one move impossibly, also won’t get sth done once and for ever. In hoping everybody can participate in his, classify a career to dedicate for Shenzhen rubbish jointly a force. 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