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Content of deep international Hua Na sheds garden. Dispatch of net of Shenzhen cattail allusion (Wang Zhiming of reporter of network of Pu Dian of end of client seeing Zhen, Shenzhen) this year in August, shenzhen international accuses a limited company to be announced external, integrated content sheds benefit from benefit from area of harbor new garden invests portfolio of battalion carry, haven stage by stage remarkable growth and develop the element effect such as new appreciation service, this year first half of the year, multinomial and financial index records this company goodly to behave, implementation income Hongkong dollar 5.712 billion yuan, rise compared to the same period 7% , partner should take gain Hongkong dollar 1.239 billion yuan, rise compared to the same period 39% , hongkong dollar of every primary gain 58 million yuan, rise compared to the same period 32% . In outstanding achievement report ” window ” depend on, this dedicated the local state-owend enterprise that sheds infrastructure investment, construction and operation at content, already marched toward the whole nation from the corner austral deep ploughing China sadly, realized nearly 30 domestic economy to develop st深圳外围女微信rategic layout of the city, form it is the core, business system that supplies catenary service to supplement each other with storage business, show an admirable development potential. Old lonely, why is in one day thick accumulate thin hair? Walk out of actively ” comfortable area ” implementation transition marchs toward countrywide integrated content to shed service provider it is reported, deep international one’s early years is with Shenzhen ” advocate battlefield ” , from the thing the fundamental content such as area drifting garden, freeway sheds the construction of establishment and operation, have Shenzhen area freeway 80% portion, before Shenzhen the core area hand such as the sea, Long Hua grasps numerous land natural resources, return hold Shenzhen aviation 49% equity, outstanding achievement not an深圳伴游可约xious, ” back and belly does not have care ” . But since 2012, deep international is walked out of actively however ” comfortable area ” , advance the far-reaching person that offer by local traditional infrastructure to shed the strategic transition that serves a provider to national integrated content. This operates deep inter深圳商务模特经纪人龙岗national, the outside when those is surprised very. At that time, electronic business affairs and express estate development are swift and violent, drive content to shed infrastructure industry to enter growth to erupt period, for a short while capital gathers, ” old man ” illegally or forcibly occupy, heavyweight participator increases ceaselessly. Deep international enters countrywide cockpit actively right now, does gas where by? Does the purpose where? “The most primary reason is, as the state-owend enterprise, deep international is inherent contain ‘ do do actor by force big ‘ mission; As appear on the market company, we need to expand through ceaseless development, create greater value for partner. ” Gao Lei of chairman of deep international board of directors expresses. Deep international established special project platform 2013 — content of Shenzhen city deep international sheds development limited company, roll out ” deep international city is integrated content sheds harbor ” brand, resolutely the road of dilate of open whole nation, shed land agent to be the same as stage athletics with one many famous other people. Refuse ” content shedding is landed ” group of label layout ecology is node with storage service to industrial catenary two end are outspread layout beginning, deep international is not plain sailing, the highway harbor mode that chooses in the past is in be thwarted of Shenyang project accident. After be analysed seriously and thinking over, deep international has thorough research to industry and surveyor’s pole, subsequently establish with ” high ma罗湖技师红牌rk storehouse ” in recent years this the product configuration of market demand increase sharply is given priority to extend market space. As ” high mark storehouse ” product configuration stands really, “Deep international city is integrated content sheds harbor ” standardization is managed cover optional location stage by stage, take the ground, products plan to wait for whole cycle to the ope深圳福田新港源按摩ration that enrol business, outspread and dovish carry stage by stage fast. Up to in June 2019, deep international is successful already 26 cities such as push forward Tianjin, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Chengdu, the agreement gets land area to amount to 6.6 million square metre, throw operation area to make an appointment with 1.05 million square metre currently, development speed is breathtaking, potential is tremendous. Project ” dimensions overlay ” the sole aim that is not deep international, ano深圳水疗会所排名ther masterstroke of company strategy transition, it is node with storage service namely to industrial catenary two end are outspread, guide content sheds appreciation actively service, attract element to gather to beg深圳西乡休闲会所全套in deepness collaboration with the well-known company with integrated strong capability, shed business board for content piece the promotion of asset dimensions and gain ability lays firm foundation. Accordingly, deep international faces industry and capital market, all the time with ” shed infrastructure investment, construction and operation from t在深圳怎么找陪游的he thing ” as oneself label, and rather than with ” content sheds land agent ” pose as, this also is deep international has fasten a tradition ” content sheds land agent ” place. Current, deep international already built the content that supplement each other to flow supply catenary service, content to shed finance and content to shed news service to wait board piece, assemble Woerma, China for, Heng Danong herd, Beijing east, 100 worlds, round-the-world buy easily wait for a batch of when be a delegate high grade clients. Apparent, dedicated strategy layout makes deep international ecology group, gained huge success, attract the favour of our market of churchyard foreign capital and famous orgnaization investor thereby. Analysis of the expert inside course of study says, the first piece when if say from the market and industrial catenary two levels extend strategic overall arrangement at the same time is deep international,master ” ace ” , the 2nd piece of so deep international ” ace ” , it is take root ” demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characte深圳太平洋水疗会所ristic socialism ” and ” area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” area advantage and development foreground. Grip ” double area drive ” massive strategy good luck drives high quality of Shenzhen garden area to develop take root reforming and opening with all one’s strength foremost edge position, implementation of deep international one’s early years spanned to type develops and accumulate a large number of high grade asset, the operation area of about 700 thousand square metre is had in Shenzhen, in build an area to even more 300 thousand square metre, garden area dimensions ranks front row of Shenzhen a person of same business. Current, regard HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province as the Shenzhen of engine of core of big bay area, advancing demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest of Chinese characteristic socialism actively to build. Regard Shenzhen as indigenous industry, it is good that deep international receives tremendous benefit, future develops foreground to value. How to embrace ” demonstrative area of go ahead of the rest ” and ” big bay area ” this one ” double area drive ” massive strategy good luck, achieve long-term progress thereby? For quite a long time,深圳雅轩休闲会所价格 content sheds garden area to regard a city as establishment of indispensable form a complete set, serving city, benefit city while, also brought traffic to embrace to the city,罗湖哪里有魔棒服务 environmental pollution, land uses the negative effect such as efficiency on the low side, because this content sheds garden area to need to be optimized from fixed position, be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with urban industry, finance and zoology, gift is nicer help strength whole town falls assemble of this synergism, industry, oneself vitality square more can abiding. Be based on this, deep international sheds function of assemble of level of whole of course of study, play, improvement around promotion city other people the demand such as progress of economy of urban environment, stimulative region, gift the mission that Shenzhen content sheds high quality of garden area more to develop and period make. Deep international acts already. Current, the sea before deep international is located in from trade division inside former western content sheds garden division, already was versed in Information Industry of electron of the China below the banner that believe a ministry develops academy, software and integrated circuit to promote a center hand in hand, carry out be built in all and manage ” one belt all the way ” information harbor project, make the Information Industry key position that faces the whole world to content flows and supply catenary domain base and prop up ” one belt all the way ” the information service center of international trade; Be located in urban core area Hua Na content sheds garden, the Gao Jing that sheds industrial chain with content is worth Duan Yan to exhibit for direction, make supply chain government service and contemporary and integrated content to spread service headquarters base; The goosefoot smooth content that is located in Shenzhen dragon Hua Guanlan sheds garden, it is deep international at present monomer construction system estimates the biggest, investment the project with the most advanced fixed position of highest, function, make construction mod深圳海燕大酒店桑拿es of life and relation to their environment model, wisdom, achieve new-style omnibus green content to shed garden division; The other people of business of cable of health the Huaihe River that is located in Shenzhen dragon Hua Guanlan sheds garden division, will shed sale of business of industrial operation, cable and operation, city to deserve to send through proffer carry with collect of storage, highway cent is dialed with carry etc one-stop content sheds a service, drive Long Hua effectively piece area and even matter of Shenzhen city trade sort the rapid development that reachs current job. It is reported, shed the progressively be born that garden area transition upgrades as afore-mentioned content, the way of another kind of innovation that deep international showed content to shed garden area to serve a city to develop, will obtain sizable profit and outstanding achievement amplitude at the same time. “Outside shedding garden project except the content of uptodate layout Shenzhen, deep international will extend the overall arrangement of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province further, jump out the set pattern of phase of development of estate of traditional content abortion and mode, push forward area and even international content shed the high end of industrial value catenary, develop for future wide get together energy. ” Gao Lei expresses. Straight face changes the trend is made ” hard nucleus ” actual strength advances system mechanism innovation to do do actor by force move toward the whole nation from Shenzhen greatly, the person that shed infrastructure to offer from traditional content sheds platform to serve business transition to integrated content, deep international already strode solid one stride, dan Jiping stage is changed many challenges still are faced in the process. Face heavy challenge, deep international issues two pieces of cards fully already. The first piece of card, it is to explore development wisdom content actively to flow. The attempt undertakes to oneself professional ability ” wisdom is changed ” transform, short-term inside basically adopt the construction wisdom storage, way that makes the pilot item such as wisdom garden area, the intelligence that accumulates content to shed exercise and operation management stage by stage turns rule of thumb, search and develop wisdom content to shed innovation application setting, promote business competitive ability and benefit; In more long-term development, still need to change stage of peace of organization of operation, network, systematize management to change zoology to wait in digitlization product transition, intelligence more the level of operate from a strategically advantageous position makes great efforts. Another piece of card, it is to depend on a state-owend enterprise to reform ” double 100 enterprises ” the identity, lead from the strategy, drive of mixture ownership reform, lasting effect, commercialize manage, optimize a canal to accuse, fall the dimension such as development of this synergism, innovation is spent advance system mechanism innovation, for business devel深圳休闲会所包吹opment escorts the Emperor convoy. Big move is ceaseless, cards in one’s hand goes out gradually. Current development situation and market force make clear, deep international is luck is added not just hold and congenital advantage, more it is thick accumulate thin hair accumulate. Li Haitao of deep international president expresses: “The development direction of deep international, it is to specialization industrial group, integrated content sheds form a complete set of service platform enterprise, city to develop battalion motion business, want to achieve a goal extremely not easy, need has an insight into, think, stand fast and fumble ceaselessly in innovation practice, the work steadily just can be done strong, become actor, do big, do not lose not times, negative mission. ” demonstrative area of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, Shenzhen go ahead of the rest ” double area drive ” , bring tremendous progress opportunity for Shenzhen. Current, shenzhen development pushs reform of sex of s深圳威尼斯酒店水疗upply 深圳伴游预约side structure, strategy of executive innovation drive, international of construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the another name for Guangdong Province that help strength is top-ranking bay area and world-class city group. Good wind depends on force, hoist the sails the right season or time. Face ” double area drive ” tremendous ” blast tuyere ” , deep international is already on the road.