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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 27, garden of collect lake laurel is street often surrounded community to produce sister youn福永休闲会所ger brother two contend for the one act that grabs rubbish. “This is me! ” the sister says. “Be me! ” the little brother also cries. One’s voice in speech did not fall, two iron clip is extended at the same time, little brot沙田新耀豪沐足怎么样her nimble, clip butt firmly. Mom opens rubbish bag hastily, the little brother puts cigarette end firmly into bag. The elder sister is ill-affected, fa福田水立方会所 飞机ce about searchs prey to flower bed, very fast cup of a beverage is captured by her, mom is carrying rubbish bag to follo深圳恒丰海悦酒店w the past. This is Luo Hu Ou Guiyuan is st龙华哪里有按摩保健reet often surround what community volunteer begins to establish civilized town activity, the volunteer that enters an activity is to put the middle and primary school of summer vacation to be born for the most part. They did not hide in air conditioning room to play a mobile phone, watch TV, wear a red waists-coat however, the hand takes rubbish clip, below sorching burning sun, go into the street clear the life rubbish such as the butt in community road surface and flower bed, wastepaper; Stand sentry in crossing be on duty, advise citizen civilization goes out row; Arrange roadside of careless park share bicycle. The age in them is the smallest is Yan Jia of 7 years old, the biggest is Yu Shu of 65 years old. Yu Shu guides 3 high school students to clear in the morning r淡水水疗oad surface, stand sentry in busy crossing again afternoon advise traffic. Although Yan Jia has 7 years old only, but not be first time does a volunteer in community, still be when he is smaller, mom is taking酒店临时工招聘 he and elder sister to serve community together, participate in the civilized construction of community. Mom’s concept is very sturdy, develop volunteer drive, want to grab as a child. Often surround community Party committee to work to take seriously very to founding urban culture, ap狮山招大附近站街peal collectivity volunteer exerts oneself for the civilized const水立方水疗会所怎么样ruction of community. Party committee one make fall, community volunteer signs up actively attend, below the organization that is versed in in company of be good at scene, protect clean for community two weekend continuously, arr蓝鲸湾国际水会特服ange share bicycle, advise citizen civilization goes out row. What they changed community with sweat is clean and neat. They wear red waists-coat, hand hold rubbish clip, serve the form of community, also got the attention of passerby and admiration.