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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The subway 5 lines are Shenzhen guest discharge relative to bigger orbit main road, join collect lake, Long Gang, Long Hua, south 5 areas of hill and Baoan. But 5 lines are terminus with Huang Beiling, if want to head for east the core trade group such as the door and each district of blessing cropland district still 沙井哪里沐足有特殊need change, on certain level cause jam easily. In addition, because collect lake area is undertaking large-scale city is updated, discharge of prospective station guest will rise番禺维纳斯水疗多少钱 further, already 2 lines cannot satisfy requirement of passenger flow of along the line. Full-length 2.88km, set 3 stations to be aimed at this one current situation, 5 lines engage liaison man of orbit of the Shenzhen city town that start on the west project (great theater comes after Huang Beiling stands paragraph) , stat深圳市南山区后海站街ion of mountain of will yellow shellfish and UniCom of great theater station, perfect 5 lines to regard orbit as the function of main road. As we have learned, this project is located in collect lake area, all fronts lays from Dong Xiangxi along deep Na Donglu, case from 5 lines first phase project fizzles out after Bei Ling stands, stand to great theater eventually, circuit is full-length 2.88km, set广高端桑拿 in all east knack station, construction district station, great theater station (contain fold return a line) 3 stations. This year on April 11, this project begins early days work formally. Because this project is periodic long, traffic scanty solution and construction organization difficulty are great, know this project general situation and environment of co深航国际酒店招聘nstruction of along the line more to let relevant section, be advanced better and support project, orbit of collect lake area does an organization to area city manages and execute the law integratedly each are center of reorganize and outfit of land of bureau, area, street do and city subway group undertakes the spot make an on-the-spot survey to site of along the line. Can alleviate pressure of change of station of yellow shellfish mountain is current, orbit of collect lake area does to be coordinated actively already abou西宁水会论坛t the subway 5 lines project uses the ground to apply for matters concerned temporarily, coordinate city subway group, communicate actively with bureau of area city canal talk things over, form resultant force, the subway 5 lines delay the afforest tree inside project scope and establishment of its landscape lamp to undertake on the west migratory, jointly with east the door is street do, initial plan undertakes the passageway of iron of深圳美 凝高端荟所在哪 concerned unit on the spot such as city subway group the spot makes an on-the-spot survey research, undertake communication negotiation with unit of relevant property right, strive for the understanding that its build to the subway and support, accelerate the stability of subway construction and pas南京蒲友桑拿sageway plan. Up to now, already finished construction of first phase project to surround block the j十堰娱乐足浴ob and afforest migratory job, having the job such as traffic scanty solution, construction schedule safety can accuse. 5 lines delay the subway on the west after project building, promotion circuitry transport power and efficiency, support development of land of collect lake area, of the development that promotes the city zone and industrial structure upgrade; Can alleviate effectively pressure of change of station of yellow shellfish mountain, the citizen goes out near ameliorative deep Na Donglu travel is convenient degree and accessibility; The citizen can arrive at the commerce such as great theater station to encircle directl深圳皇悦酒店休闲会所y after, need not stand in Huang Beiling change 2 lines, more convenient a travel.

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