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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 31, town of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province is small update and have a building already safety administration and estrade of expert of character promotion academician are held in Shenzhen, deep harbor the expert of the geographical information science of two ground and wisdom city domain, around the city small updated definition issue, town is small science of the difficulty that faces newlier at present and pain spot, geographical information is in the town is small the forward position development that city of newer, wisdom builds a domain and union are applied, and how to enter a town the topic such as small newer field undertakes the theme makes a speech. On the meeting, still held ” academy of innovation of science and technology of building of construction of traditional Chinese clothes ” the ceremony that uncover a shop sign and academician workstation collaboration build an autograph to arrange a ceremon民治大唐盛世水会服务怎么样y in all. 海口400元水疗The town is small the new pattern that is like integrated punish newlier as one sort, with its essence of life is refined, the feature of type of miniature, low concussion, advance gradually, make dish of living natural r龙华那家水疗会所好玩esources that put an amount, improvement a when promote a city quality problem of the people’s livelihood, important way. As we have learned, this estrade activity aims to discuss how will small bring into a city newlier to update function category, build a branch to be advanced in coordination small updated 罗湖明珠水会18号mechanism, advance go on a tour of inspection of building safety general investigation, old old village archives of health of safety of reparative investigation, building (building hospital) with construction management information platform is built wait f桑拿qm代表什么or the job. Relevant controller introduces the activity, pass ability of loop of city of small newer promotion, expand division of garden of industry of green loop economy, build nearly 0 carbon to arrange area demonstrative project, begin a city to repair with zoology rehabilitate, can drive old old village ” go against grow ” , enhance a city communal space quality, make a function space of reaso在深圳做水疗流程nable compound innovation, realize manufac足疗按摩招聘turing space intensive thereby appropriate of space of efficient, life resides picturesque scenery of space of measurable, zoology, the health that city香港美丽华酒店地铁 of area of big bay of HongKon水立方国际水疗会所怎么样g and Macow of the another name for Guangdong Province that help st深圳芭提雅酒店桑拿rength builds develops.