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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On July 8, pack Inc. to combine Changsha technical institute and Pentawards group to establish by originality of dragon of Shenzhen cypress star ” the products plan below 2019 originality times and global eye shot and forum of height of research and development ” hold ceremoniously in Shenzhen, tens of speech honored guest and elite of nearly 1000 industries assist originality packs industry a grand event in all. Originality of dragon of Shenzhen cypress star packs the culture originality enterprise that Inc. is lake of take root collect nearly 20 years, the near future already move to a better place or have a promotion the cock that to Luo Hu burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree — clear water river piece area. Bai Xinglong has omnibus originality company of the representing most as China, basically be wine at present kind, what tea, food reachs a few big fields such as international cosmetic is medium the originality that high-end product client offers major packs a service, accumulative total wins large award of 56 international originality, become industry celebrity. Honored guest attending the meeting witnessed Changsha manage to be versed in university Shenzhen originality designs the autograph of academy settle Bai Xinglong to reach the ceremony that give a shop sign about jointly. Zhao Guoyi is in president of cypress star dragon ” originality drive product, the product accomplishs future ” express in the speech, shenzhen designs as Chinese originality, let lots and lots of resembling Bai Xinglong such enterprise got great progress on this hot earth, bai Xinglong marchs toward the pace of internationalization to be being accelerated ceaselessly, we are believed to the future of industry of Shenzhen culture originality the heart is full of.